Celebrity Big Brother S08E04 (C5)

It’s Day 3 in the CBBUK house. The HM are getting up. Edward pulls a prank on Sally. He takes away all of her towels.

Bobby, Darryn, and Paddy are in the gym. Sally and Kerry are talking. Sally was quite upset at being nominated by Kerry.

Darryn wants Lucien to have a proper go at Pamela. Lucien comes to the diary room to confess that he’s got the hots for Pamela.

Tara tells Jedward about her most famous line in The Big Lebowski.

Amy says that she broke up with her boyfriend. Lucien says that he has got trouble meeting girls. He says he never had a girlfriend.

For today’s task, the house has been transformed into ancient Egypt. The HM are all mummies. Mohammed Al-Fayd is the current pharaoh and they have to compete to become the next one.

The first part involves getting free of their mummy wraps and getting up. The first ones up are Bobby, Lucien, Darryn, Paddy, Tara, and Sally. Al-Fayd helped up Tara and Sally.

The next challenge is musical chairs. Darryn is the first one out. Sally is next, Lucien, Paddy. It’s between Tara and Bobby. Tara wins by turfing Bobby out. Al-Fayd gives Tara his number and tells her to come see him. He gives it to a few girls.

Tara tells Pamela that Darryn doesn’t like her. Darryn explains how he got his abs. He says that he got some surgery done. He’s a fatty, so his abs are totally fake.

It’s Paddy’s 34th wedding anniversary. He gets a short chat with his wife.

Darryn has been talking about himself for a while.

Inside, Darryn and Paddy are teasing Lucien about going after some of the girls. He says that he likes Amy, but it comes across as being awkward and she’s not his type. He also likes Tara, but she’s married. Tara tells Sally that she really likes Lucien.

The HM get some Egyptian costumes and some booze. Kerry and Lucien talk about Amy. Amy told Kerry that Lucien should talk to her by himself.

Just be you, but not too much.

A bit later, Amy and Lucien talk. They don’t resolve anything. Lucien talks with Darryn. Now, Lucien says that he can’t stop thinking about Amy. Lucien starts to cry when Amy walks in. WTF.

Tara comes to the diary room. She says that she doesn’t like Darryn anymore. He plays both sides.

Tara, Lucien, Sally, and Pamela are in the garden. Tara says that when someone turns on her, she will protect her space. I think that Tara has been using too much botox. Her face is frozen.

Later, Tara tells Bobby and Lucien about her new husband. Lucien is also talking about Amy.

* * * * *

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