2010 Giant Road Bicycles Redux

10 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 with Dura Ace 7900
'10 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 with Dura Ace 7900

The news is in for the ’10 model year for road bikes from Taiwanese bicycling manufacturer Giant. There are significant rebates to be had if you buy these directly in Taiwan. This is even more valid for the top end specced TCR Advanced SL 1 and SL2¹, which will have lower prices than last year. All in all, there aren’t too many changes. Apparently Giant operates on a three-year product cycle, so there should be new frames in 2011. Giant will feature new components, new paint jobs and higher specs for some models.

The TCR Advanced SL range stays pretty much the same. There are some name changes. The top of the line SL 0 is the one that comes equipped with Di2, Shimano’s electronic Dura Ace component. This is what has been reported in the British press, though I see a different nomenclature on the Taiwanese website. I expect it to retail for $13,000. If bought in Taiwan, you can get about 35% off. This is true for most models above $3,000.

There are new paint schemes and new components, including Giant’s own Connect and Contact handlebars and stems. There is more attention to detail and decals, which is nice. The models also come with color-matched components, which is kind of neat. SL 3 comes with the new Ultegra 6700. This means that the SL1 should be SRAM Red. While looking through the press shots, I find the handlebars a bit ugly. They are shaped strangely or not well adjusted. Anyway, you’re better off putting on your favorite handlebars than sticking to stock stuff.

The SRAM Red equipped bike weighs 6.5kg (14.3 lbs). The Taiwan website has been updated with the new models. If ’09 SL 0s drop to about $3,000 in Taiwan, that would be sweet. For the past year, you could get it for about $4,800. Between the model years, there is a $600 difference. This is due to the fact that the Advanced SL frame have dropped in price for the ’10 model year. The SRAM Red and Dura Ace equipped SLs should be about $1,000 lower. This in turn, makes sure that the ’09 $4,800 SL 0 will  have to be significantly lower to be sold. Bike shops will be looking to get rid of their older stock to make place for the ’10 machines, which are slowly trickling into the shops as we speak. Still, a second-hand Kuota KOM with 105 or Ultegra at $2,000 is hard to beat. That would let me look at a Pinarello Prince or another premium frame as my race bike.

Giant Omnium track frameset
Giant Omnium track frameset

Giant will include the Omnium track frameset in their line of bikes. The aim was to create the stiffest and most aerodynamic frame possible. They weren’t too worried about weight as they had to stick to UCI limits. It’s an all-aluminum machine with no internal cable routing and thin walls, including an elongated downtube. It will retail for about $900.

10 Giant Trinity 0
'10 Giant Trinity 0

As announced previously, the Trinity is the new time trial bike from Giant. It comes in a few different varieties, including Advanced SL carbon models. There is also an aluminum model that’s quite affordable for about $2,300. Top of the line Trinity Advanced SL 0 comes equipped with Di2 and costs $14,500.

'09 Giant FCR Advanced 0
'09 Giant FCR Advanced

Giant has announced the Rapid, which is a flat barred road bike. It looks like a re-badged FCR. The FCR is also available in carbon fiber and is known as the FCR Advanced, though it’s not sold in all market sectors. I’ve read that the Rapid will replace the FCR models.² There’s also a women specific model of this bike called the Dash.

10 Giant Rapid
'10 Giant Rapid

To me, the Giant FCR Advanced is a good contender as an ultimate commuting bike. Extremely light and agile, with road slicks and a relaxed position so that you can see oncoming traffic. I’ve seen the FCR Advanced models retailing up to $1,800 for the top model. With rebates, this would cost around $1,500 locally. It weighs about 7.8kg (17 lbs). Personally, if I would build myself a bike like this, I’d integrate top of the line mountain bike components, like disc brakes and SRAM XX shifters. That would make it a bit more of a hybrid bike. Then again, Giant does make the City Speed, which has some of those features as well as integrated lights. That being said, it’s just easier to slap on a flat bar onto a road bike and get something similar.

I do agree that flat bars are safer in city traffic. Road bars are more comfortable on long rides where you can put your head down and just pedal.

10 Giant Chixie
'10 Giant Chixie

Giant will also produce 3 fixed gear models. The Bowery ’72,  the FMX, and the women’s Chixie. It was predictable that Giant would do something like this. The FMX is for doing tricks while the Chixie is made specifically for women. Personally, I like the Omnium frame. It would be pretty cool to mount that one up as an outdoor fixed gear bike. The MSRP for the Omnium frame is about $900, so I’d expect to pay something like $7-800 for the frame here.


[¹] The ’10 SL 1 and SL2 are the ’09 SL 0 and Team issue. It looks like the top spot goes to the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 ultra-bike as the new SL 0, followed by the SRAM Red Sl 1 and a Dura Ace SL 2. SL 3 comes equipped with Shimano Ultegra.

[²] The Rapid is the name for the FCR, which has been sold for a few years in Asian and UK markets.

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Author: range

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15 thoughts on “2010 Giant Road Bicycles Redux”

  1. I had my mind set on a FCR1W bike, and now cannot find one. Which bike in the 2010 series is closest to the FCR1W? I liked the handlebars on that bike, and the dual crankset. I do not like drop bars, as my neck hurts from kinking up looking ahead, and found myself always holding the top bar. I like to do charity rides from 30 to 60 miles, and was told the FCR1W would do these very well.
    Thanks for your help.
    Debbie Brown

  2. Hi Debbie,
    the FCRs have been replaced for 2010 by the Rapid for men and the Dash for women. The Dash should help out your problems. I’ve also been considering the FCR. There is a carbon fiber version here in Taiwan that looks really interesting as a commuting bike.

    You could probably get a good deal on an ’09 FCR, but I’d try the Dash to see if you like the women-specific geometry better.


  3. I like those flat bar road bikes in the FCR series. They are much lighter than the city speed, but maybe not as cool looking. My problem is how to find out how much they are in NT$ on Taiwan. Any ideas?

  4. If I remember correctly, the FCR 0 carbon fiber goes up to 62,000 NT. You can purchase it for about about 50,000NT in most Giant shops after you’ve gotten the rebate. There might be even more rebates since the FCR has been replaced by another model. I don’t know the prices of the lower-specced models.

  5. Hi,
    I’ve got updated prices and a deal hammered down with a local shop. For the bikes mentioned in the comments, send me an email to find out more for the ‘10 prices.

    Please email me at djrange at gmail dot com for more details. To get the best deals and the best rebates, you have to spend more than $1,500 USD. Check out bikes on the Giant US site and let me know model + exact size in cm. I’ll let you know the full specs of the bikes by email.

    1. Range, Is the Rapid 0 available here in Taiwan? I caught a good look at it during the Taipei Bike Show today and would like to have it down as a potential buy.

      1. Hi Michael,

        The Rapid bikes are simply the FCR bikes with a new name. There are quite a few different models of FCR bikes available in Taiwan, it’s one of the most popular models.

        At the top of the line, you’ve got the FCR Advanced 1 w Ultegra. There is also an FCR Advanced 2 w Shimano 105. These are carbon fiber bikes with an MSRP of 60,000-80,000NT.

        The Rapid 0 is an alloy frame, so it’s the equivalent of the FCR 1 which has Shimano 105.

  6. I am interested in the FCR or the Rapid. Are there any significant differences in these models ? Also, is there a significant difference in geometry or could an individual simply put flat bars on a road bike and acheive the same result ?

    Thanks in advance


  7. since i speak nor read Cantonese or Mandarin, do not now how to take advantage of those specials. I m looking for the TCR advanced SL 3 2012 or 2011. How do you purchase direct from them?

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