Destiny 2 Master Vault of Glass Challenge Week 2: Ensemble Refrain

The challenge seemed easy enough, but it took us a bit of time to get all of the components working well together. There were plenty of mistakes along the way, and in Master Vault of Glass, you can only make so many mistakes. The Ensemble Refrain challenge works the following way: when 3 players are transported into the time lost locations, Each player must only shoot one oracle during a set, including the relic holder.

We figured out quickly that sprinting to the far end of the arena meant that we would be sheltered from the barrier champs that spawned in mid in the time lost location. The most challenging part in this sequence was for the relic holder to have enough time to both cleanse the other players and shoot their oracle. We varied between having the relic holder shoot their oracle first or last in the sequence. It takes a bit of time before the relic has enough energy to cleanse players. It’s an annoying mechanic. Also, if you’re cleansing others while they are shooting oracles, you can block their shots. Overall, once we got this sequence down, it was fine. We all used Hung Jury SR4 Adepts with the Adept Big Ones spec, and I was also rocking two void raid pieces of armor with the precise oracle disruptor mod. I need at least 2 solar pieces of armor to get the CWL mods in (Supercharged and Charged Up), so there’s no way I can rock all void to make it easier to get the oracles. After getting used to using scouts for this, since tend to run xeno, it was fine.

The players who remained outside need to defend the plates, and make sure the right plate is activated so that the players in the time lost location can come out. As in the normal difficulty, overload champs spawn near the plates. We had already decided to use mid for damage, as we were getting wrecked by supplicants when using the stairs behind each portal. The detained player would go forward to a little niche, close to Atheon, but sheltered from fire.

For this encounter, we were running a mix of well of radiance warlock with starfire protocol for the extra fusion grenade, salvager’s salvo with demo and chain reaction for add clear and getting back grenades even quicker (two of us were running energy accelerant on our class items, others were running breach and clear), anarchy, and Hung Jury SR4 Adept. I was running fastball and a grenade launcher loader mod on my arms to make reloading salvo a bit faster. Since it’s known that fusion grenades, on solar warlock or titan, do a lot of damage, this is what we relied upon. We had two falling cuirass titans for extra DPS. Our team had three well of radiance warlocks and one chaos reach warlock for extra ad clear. We realized that we needed at least 3 radiance warlocks because of the amount of fire that we faced in mid during DPS was insane. The well of radiance warlocks would also grab the relic by default in the time lost location.

The reward for this encounter was the time lost Corrective Measure. The curated roll was DSR and firefly. I’d like to get Rewind Rounds and Frenzy, but it’s not that important since LMGs aren’t that good in higher end content.


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