Destiny 2: New Exotic Trace Rifle Ager’s Scepter S15

With this week’s reset, the final part of the exotic quest entitled Tracing the Stars, finally went live. The new exotic trace rifle, Ager’s Scepter, is now available. The catalyst will launch at next week’s reset and the ornament went live yesterday.

It is the first stasis trace rifle, so it fits in the kinetic slot, which has some pretty crazy implications. The actual quest wasn’t that bad, but nothing earth shattering. There was a bit of a grind in the Astral Alignment activity on the Dreaming City, but it wasn’t too bad. I used the opportunity to complete some seasonal bounties.

It’s a very fun weapon to use, and it’s probably the best trace rifle so far, since Divinity got nerfed. I’m not too sure about Ruinous Effigy, as I feel like it’s more of a meme gun than anything else. The most important thing is that since its effects are based on stasis, slow and freezing effects, one shot procs 50 stacks of slow. Two shots will put it at 100, so your targets will be frozen. All of the stasis fragments and aspects that involve freezing and slowing will proc.

Coupled with Reed’s Regret and particle deconstruction, which is the first stasis legendary heavy weapon, and it’s also a LFR, some crazy new builds will now work since you can proc stasis damage from three sources, including your abilities if you’re running stasis. Well of potency (seasonal mod) is a must now, as are elemental armaments, font of might, as well as a few others. Elemental stasis wells can drop from stasis weapon final blows (elemental armaments), which can be engines to power elemental well builds for quicker super and more weapon damage (font of might, which can stack with HEF). The seasonal mod Fire and Ice, which drops solar and stasis wells when a champion is defeated is also an option, but it sucks at how many times I have to reset my artifact depending on the builds I run. They should just unlock all of the mods at a certain season rank, like 150 or so.

I’ve been enjoying the solar builds on Titan and warlock, but I run stasis on hunter almost always. Now, I can tune a cool build with elemental wells on Revenant. I’m not sure how it’ll go running two special weapons, because that’s what I feel like doing. I tested it out yesterday and quickly ran out of ammo, even with scavengers on.

When the catalyst releases next week, it’s also going to be pretty crazy. From what I’ve seen, you can power up the damage using your full super. I imagine that it will be pretty ludicrous. There hasn’t been anything like this before, so I’m expecting it to be nutty.

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