Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

I played the new Destiny 2 expansion on release day. There was a snafu with my collector’s edition, which would arrive only 2 weeks after launch, much to my dismay. It also didn’t include a game code, which was annoying. Luckily, I sort of expected this, so I got myself another deluxe edition to be able to play on day one.

The campaign includes a legendary mode, which scales with how many people are in your fireteam . It’s easiest solo. But a lot more fun with friends. It took a while to complete. It’s by far the best Destiny 2 campaign. It’s quite meaty. You can play the campaign for hours, I’d say about 5 to 10. And that’s only on one character.

They’ve also made sure to incentivize your play through, by dropping lots of loot to level up your power level, upgrade modules, and a guaranteed blue set of 1520, as well as one of the Legendary Lost sector exotics, which was great. They drop with very low rolls, but that happened with Shadowkeep as well.

This is by far my favorite campaign so far. There are no fetch quests, like in Shadowkeep and Beyond Light. To be honest, I disliked the haunted moon aesthetic of Shadowkeep. I was worried that they would use something similar in Witch Queen. They didn’t. Savathun’s Throne World is amazing. There are gorgeous environments.

It’s no secret that a faction of Hive have acquired the Light. You’ll face foes wielding solar, void, and arc subclasses, which can be deadly if underestimated. The story also explores the origin of the hive, and their relation to the Darkness. While we didn’t get a new race, per se, we did get new entities, which are Darkness adjacent. This also includes much of the new raid, Vow of the Disciple.

I also really enjoyed the story of the campaign, as well as the reveal and the raid. The raid is so interesting, and I’ve cleared it three times so far, that I’ll make it into a dedicated post. I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s definitely really good. Bungie has really stepped it up in this expansion.

The new 6-player activity is called Wellspring and comes in 2 forms, which alternate every day. It’s not bad, but it’s pretty much similar to all of the activities. They include fighting hive guardians, which adds a bit more challenge and they have a master mode at 1580, which drops more mats and guns. The drop rates had to be buffed because people were spending hours upon hours in this activity to get the weapons with unlockable patterns to drop. These are needed for a quest to complete the exotic glaive.

WQ launched with a Void 3.0 rework instead of a whole new Darkness class, which was disappointing when announced but I’m actually pretty happy with it right now. They eliminated the grind to unlock the fragments and grenades. You can just purchase them with glimmer from Ikora.

There’s a lot of synergy with void weapons and wells, with void 3.0. They’ve nerfed protective light severely, from a 50% damage reduction to a 10% DR, meanwhile buffing well of tenacity, a void well mod, to 50% for 5 seconds. This duration can be buffed by using the right mods, elemental time dilation, a stasis well mod. On harder content, I run well of life, a solar well mod, which procs healing once you pick up a solar well, and tenacity. I use elemental ordinance, no affinity well mod, explosive well maker, solar well mod, and reaping well maker, void well mod to create wells.

Masterworked weapons no longer produce orbs, which means you’ll need to run helmet mods (harmonic and kinetic siphon) in order to make orbs. It’s annoying, but a necessity, according to Bungie, in order to give their weapons more memory.

All of the weapon drops have been changed. They include new and reprised guns. It’s a nice change. The throne world weapons include a sidearm, a void scout, a stasis rocket launcher, a stasis SMG, an arc heavy GL, and a 360 arc AR.

Some favorites include the Krait, a 720 stasis AR, which can roll with headstone, and Funnelweb, a 900 rpm void Veist SMG, which is basically the new Recluse.

With Queen also introduced weapon crafting. It’s interesting, but gets really costly when you try to put on enhanced perks. It’s been implemented unforgivingly, meaning that these perks are never completely unlocked if you switch your perks around. You’ll have to pay the cost each time you change them. These enhanced perks also cost Ascendant alloy, a new endgame currency capped at 10 but hard to farm for the first few weeks until they buffed drop rates.

There are a bunch of different legendary mats used in crafting, which are all capped at 250, neutral element capped at 8500. It’s stupid. They should all be at 9999 per stack. People are putting the red border weapons, which drop by rng, into vaults to safe them. My vault was down to 400 and now it’s back up to 499. Once the events and patterns are extracted, you can craft the weapons, which is crazy. You’ll need a couple of patterns, 2-5, to do that. Drop rates have been buffed to help lessen the grind.

Crafting isn’t perfect and needs to be tweaked, especially when it comes to ascendant alloy costs. Once you’ve paid and unlocked a perk on a gun, you shouldn’t have to pay it again to switch it around. Rahool actually sells some for 400 LS, and after the first purchase, it was bugged. They fixed that last week, and allowed people to buy 2 for 1 to make up for it. It’s a must to pick them up each week.

Initially I thought that glaives were kind of average. That is until you’ve unlocked the seasonal mod suppressing glaive on your artifact. It’s really fun to use. You’ll never need to reset your artifact to unlock different mods. You’ll be able to unlock them all as you progress past SR 100. I’m currently sitting at 126 and I’m only missing one unlock.

The exotics include Osteo Striga, a 600 rpm kinetic SMG, exclusive to the deluxe edition, Dead Messenger, an energy wave frame GL, which can switch affinity, and Grand Overture, an arc LMG, which sucks. The parasite is a really cool heavy GL, with insane burst damage. I like using it on bosses that are close to mid range. Shooting it any further requires more practice and it’s range is also severely limited. There are 3 class specific glaives, which I haven’t unlocked, and which are supposedly lackluster.

Striga is top tier for ad clear and pairs well with necrotic grips on warlock. It has a kind of tracking bullet, which works in an interesting fashion. They’ve made it good, but not good enough to compensate for bad aim. I find that using short bursts while focusing on crits works best.

Many options now exist for stasis builds, which is cool. The raid introduced a stasis fusion, which sits in the kinetic slot, but is the only legendary fusion in that slot. The other one being Bastion. There are heavy stasis GLs, snipers, ARs, SMGs, and more. Overall, weapon wise, it’s been really good.


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