Destiny 2 Master Vault of Glass Challenge Week 1: Strangers in Time

The Master difficulty of Vault of Glass came out, and it was no picnic. Many teams in my clan thought they could clear it quickly and multiple times in a couple of hours after it released to farm time lost weapons, but they were all wrong. My team had to move onto a normal VoG because our team composition wasn’t really suited for this raid. I cleared it a couple of days later, after having talked strats with my raid team.

The Master VoG raid feels like a GM, but harder. The ads are punishing, and there are plenty of orange-bar enemies that require many shots to down. Overall, it was a kind of wake up call. The difficulty is supposed to be 1350, but I have seen that some enemies are scaling up to 1360.

In order to get the time lost weapons, which are basically adept weapons but include double perks in column 3 and 4 (with a curated roll), you need to complete the weekly raid challenge in master difficulty. The challenges aren’t that bad, but honestly, in master difficulty, it’s pretty brutal, at least at first.

First off, everyone should be high enough light, which means over 1341, so that they enemies aren’t too punishing. We had that issue. Naturally, good players can make up this power difference, but I recently did a master VoG at 1349 and it was fine.

The first weekly challenge, which will rotate back on August 10th, is Strangers in Time. For this challenge, the shielded praetorian and the wyvern which spawn in the time lost locations inside the portals, need to be killed within a couple of seconds of each other. We ran shadelocks with bleak watchers. My CWL build for used Supercharged, Charged Up, Taking Charge, Protective Light, and Blast Radius. I ran Breach and Clear on my bond. I used a truthteller GL (blinding, auto loading), a Extraordinary Rendition (overflow, frenzy, for the overload champions), and Anarchy.

Being in the portal is challenging. The ads will force their way down the stairs quickly to the conflux. Stasis turrets, Anarchy traps, and blinding nades will get the job done. Also popping your super takes care of all of the ads quickly. Outside of the portal, the plates need to be defended. Overload champions will spawn and they need to be taken out quickly. A player starts in each time lost location by going through a portal. One of them will call out which time lost location has the shielded praetorian. The relic holder makes their way to that portal. Meanwhile, in the other location a wyvern will spawn. We learned that it’s best not to shoot too many Anarchy grenades on them, as they will die quickly. We worked with supers and truthteller shots. That damaged them enough so that they are ready to be taken out. One Anarchy shot also works well. When the relic holder is in place, they will call out that they are ready to take out the praetorian. At that moment, both the wyvern and praetorian need to be taken out within a couple of seconds. I think it’s about 5 seconds. Periodically, a gatekeeper will spawn in mid in the arena. They need to be taken out to activate the portals. The relic needs to be passed between players in the portal as usual because teleportation to the time lost locations will be destabilized. They will pass it to the other team, who should be ready to take the relic into the other time lost location. We completed it. It was challenging.

Once that’s done, you will need to get back to the middle of the arena to defend the final conflux. During this phase, you will have barrier champs spawn at each of the three locations, so make sure to swap to anti barrier weapons. Our team changed weapons after we finished defending the confluxes in the time lost locations.

The time lost weapon for that week was the Hezen’s Vengeance, the rocket launcher. The curated roll was overflow and cluster bomb. I bought a couple of rolls from the final chest. I got auto loading and lasting impression, which is what I wanted.


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