Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E07 (C5)

Bobby has come to the diary room to let off some steam about Darryn. He whinges about Darryn.

He’s not two faced, he’s 10-faced.
Bobby about Darryn

Amy and Jedward are pimping Darryn’s hair. Tara is talking about Heath Ledger’s death. A few moments later, Tara is talking about her dog.

My dog taught me how to love.

Pamela puts caesar salad dressing into the meat. Sally says that it looks disgusting. Darryn is making faces. He goes to whinge. Everyone thinks it sounds disgusting. Jedward are trying it. Tara and Sally say that it’s very uncomfortable to be around her. Kerry asks if Pamela is loony. Tara thinks that she just wants attention.

Pamela joins the HM outside. She kind of gets into it with Sally. Tara is talking with Paddy and Kerry just walks away.

Jedward are each eating a can of beans in the sauna. Sally and Tara are talking about the mood in the house. Tara is crying. She says that it’s getting scary. WTF. Jedward comes over and annoys her a bit. Then, John gives her a hug. Her snot is flowing to the floor. He manages to make her laugh. Tara is worried that if she messes up, she will never work again. Edward comes over and makes her feel better again. That was nice of them.

BB has called Jedward to the diary room. For their task, they must split up and become John and Edward. Later, the HM will be tested on how well they got to know them. They must stay apart by at least 5m or they’ll receive a shock through the shock suit they are wearing.

Later, John and Edward get close to get some shocks. It takes a while, but they they take their shock suits off.

Bobby and Lucien are in the sauna letting off some steam. Jedward and Tara are talking business. Tara says that they should brand themselves to make millions, like Kim Kardashian.

BB has gathered the HM for the questions about Jedward. Jedward are in the diary room. The HM are watching them on the TV. Tara is very sure about herself.

Pointy ears is John.

They must identify the twins. Tara identifies them easily and they win a party.

Later, Pamela is name dropping to Sally.

Out of nowhere, John and Amy decide to get fake married.

The HM have a pop party. Kerry is talking about her celebrity and her relationships. Bobby is there and he just walks off. He starts talking to some camera on his way to the diary room. He says that Kerry is a moron.

Later Lucien comes to the diary room. He’s worried that he’s losing Bobby. Bobby is more closed off and keeps things to himself. Meanwhile, Bobby is roaming the house. He is really surprised that Tara is the nicest girl in here.

* * * * *

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