Destiny 2: The Vault of Glass Remastered?

As part of Season 14s offerings, Bungie added the OG D1 raid Vault of Glass, which is the first raid that they have released from the Destiny Content Vault. Last August or September, we lost so many raids, which were put into the DCV. We’re finally back at four playable raids now. I never played D1 VoG, so I can’t comment much on the differences, but I have completed the raid 9 times so far.

Now I wasn’t actually planning on trying to do the “new” raid on Day 1, but I did. I naturally didn’t complete it on Day 1. We tried and made it to the oracles. It was around 5 AM, and I decided to go to bed. The others didn’t complete the raid either. We had 1 team in our clan which was able to complete the raid 5 hours before the end of contest mode, but they didn’t do the challenge mode.

Overall, I think that the rerelease of this raid was good. It brought just enough changes for players who have done the raid in D1 to be interested. I’m not a fan of having multiple encounters in the same room, like Crown of Sorrow, and a few others. I like new spaces for each encounter, which generally makes sense to me.

The most difficult encounter, by far, was Atheon. He will randomly teleport 3 players into Mars or Venus. The outside players have to keep a teleportation gate open for them to return. One player needs to use the relic to cleanse the people on Mars/Venus from being marked by the void. One outside player needs to read the oracles. The inside players need to shoot the oracles in the right sequence, three times in a row. After that, they need to get back to the throne room and do DPS. It’s a narrow window of about 30 seconds. At 20 seconds, 1 player will get a warning of imminent detainment. 5 seconds later, they are detained. You need to call out that you are detained, and move away from the group, or you will detain everyone and cause a wipe.

I learned this weekend that there is a way to block the detainment mechanism. If you thundercrash into Atheon, after about 5 seconds into the DPS phase, after he has walked backwards, and starts walking forwards, he will stomp you. That’s when you know that detainment is blocked.

There are a few more details to this, but overall, it can get quite hectic. Atheon is an ability-based boss, spamming supers and abilities is the way to go. Anarchy, rockets, double slugs, sniper rifles, do good damage. Heart of Inmost Light with bottom tree Sunbreaker will do crazy damage with the empowered buff, over 300k per grenade, which is crazy. Fusion grenades on well of radiance will do about 100k.

The loot is good. I think the seasonal weapons are better and a lot easier to farm. The VoG guns can roll with firefly and rewind rounds, making them tantalizingly interesting, as they are the only weapons that can roll with these perks. However, I think that the DSC weapons have better perks, with reconstruction and recombination, especially in higher end content. Overall, explosive payload/firefly, rewind rounds/firefly, demolitionist/firefly are the rolls I’m looking for. Apparently, Fatebringer is kind of average in crucible. I haven’t tried it out yet. I usually go for a 120.

I struggle to think in which kind of activities firefly can be valuable. It’s a cool perk, but won’t be sought after for Grandmaster Nighfalls, in which killing red bar enemies takes a lot of shots. I still want it on all of the guns from the raid. This definitely makes them sought after. Fatebringer is also a 140, so kind of average in Crucible.

In my last run, 1 full run and 1 Atheon CP, 3 players on my fireteam got the Vex Mythoclast, so I think that the drop rate is a lot better than the Eyes of Tomorrow from DSC. In the following complete run, a day later, 1 more player got it.

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