Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E09 (C5)

It looks like Eviction light is less of a big deal on Channel 5. Instead of a few different shows, recap show, live eviction show, etc., they’ve got one show. I was a bit surprised to be honest about this.

Darryn is looking for someone to open his heart to. Amy is sleeping on the couch. The HM talk about paparazzi and front covers. The talk dwells on Princess Diana. Then they talk about Fergie’s fashion sense that was inherited by her daughters apparently.

Amy thinks that drinking vodka and coke will make you more drunk than drinking vodka and water.

Jedward are using the exercise equipment to make robot music.

It’s time for Pamela to prove that she has courage. She’s called to the diary room. She goes to a small task room. There’s some Aussie bloke in there. Maybe he’s a magician. I don’t know. The game involves putting her hands over a spike that’s hidden beneath styrofoam cups. The dude crushes them with her hands on them. She passes her task.

Everyone is sleeping now, except Jedward. They wake up Amy by chopping carrots loudly. Then they put shaving foam on a sleeping Bobby. Bobby retaliates. Then they ask Bobby to teach them how to shave. There is a lot of chasing and running.

BB gathers the HM to reveal the results of this week’s shopping task. The munchkins and Toto failed their task. The Dorothys failed their task. This was Kerry’s doing in the beginning. Lucien passed his task of avoiding water. They pass the overall task and get a luxury shopping budget.

Most of the HM are celebrating their win. Bobby is building a bed bunker to escape the noise of the party.

Tara is teaching Amy how to dance. They try out some moves on Mumbles. In the garden, the HM are talking about the upcoming eviction.

Brian talks with the CBBUK house. Both Bobby and Sally get boos. Sally is evicted. It was obvious. There was 1% difference between her and Bobby.

* * * * *

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