Big Brother Final UK S10E107-108 (Channel 4)

Sophie is in the bath. BB has called Siavash to the diary room since he wanted to leave the night before. He still doesn’t know what to do. He says that he wants to stay but it’s the waiting that’s killing him. BB says that he’s got an hour to make up his mind.

All of the HM are in the dining room having a farewell dinner. Upon reflection, Siavash decided to stay.

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Big Brother UK S10E106 (Channel 4)

Sophie is cutting Roddy’s hair. Roddy manages to whine again. Charlie is in the bath. Siavash and David are in the living room. Today is David’s birthday. David is called to the diary room. He is unaware that his fashion idol Vivienne Westwood has sent him a letter. He reads it and starts to cry. She asks him to get in contact with her when he leaves the BBUK hours. Siavash is very happy for David. Charlie looks jealous. Sophie doesn’t know what to make of it. She’s too stupid to realize what this means.

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Big Brother UK S10E105 (Channel 4)

While in the pool, Charlies throws the space hopper at Lisa’s head. It hurt and she is complaining. Roddy is laughing very hard. It actually bent Lisa’s bracelet.

BB has gathered the HM for today’s task. If they pass the task, they will get to see the reenactment that they filmed yesterday. The HM have to perform a dance routine for Beyoncé.

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Big Brother UK S10E103-104 (Channel 4)

Last night, Charlie played a prank on Lisa by banging some pots near her head when she was sleeping. Charlie tells the HM that she will be bitching about him the whole day. She starts bitching about it to David.

Charlie apologizes to Lisa.

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Big Brother UK S10E102 (Channel 4)

The HM have been told that they are taking part in a nominations quiz. The HM see some nominations footage. They see Siavash nominate Lisa 6 times. We see Roddy nominate Lisa and Sophie nominate David.

Lisa bitches about Siavash nominating her 6 times. That’s easy because she nominated him even more times.

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Big Brother UK S10E101 (Channel 4)

Last night, Marcus was evicted. Lisa tells Charlie that she’s looking forward to being back in her life, unemployed. Siavash tells Sophie that it’s weird that Marcus has gone. Charlie comes to the diary room. He says that he misses Marcus. He says that he learned with Roddy to walk away from arguments.

Roddy scares Lisa in the toilet. He finds it funny. She’s annoyed. She says that if they weren’t in the BBUK house, she would have smacked him. Siavash says that he could have given her a heart attack.

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Big Brother UK S10E100 (Channel 4)

The HM are cleaning the house. Dave is called to the diary room. He says that HM are bothered about the prize money, but they aren’t saying it. He says that he isn’t bothered. The prize fund is at £20.

You need to learn me Portuguese.
Sophie to Roddy

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Big Brother UK S10E98-99 (Channel 4)

It’s like having two kids on your chest.
Lisa to Sophie about her gigantic boobs

Siavash, Dave, Charlie, and Marcus are doing the shopping list. Marcus doesn’t like how much tobacco they are ordering. After arguing back and forth, they compromise. Sophie wants hair extensions. Marcus complains some more. Lisa pushes for it. In the bedroom, Sophie complains to Roddy about Marcus.

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Big Brother UK S10E97 (Channel 4)

Yesterday Lisa and David passed their part of the weekly shopping task.

Marcus has come to the diary room. He says that David and Lisa are gutted that there is no prize money. He thinks that all of them are thinking about the money. Marcus doesn’t give a shit. He thinks that money is a means of making people happy. He’s lucky that the things that make him happy don’t cost that much. He doesn’t want to mingle with a bunch of fake bastards. They live in a sea of a bullshit.

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Big Brother UK S10E96 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, HM will be transported into the future. HM will be set 5 challenges over the next two days. They must pass 3 to receive a luxury shopping budget. David and Lisa are aliens. Marcus and Siavash are androids. Sophie and Roddy are robots. Charlie is an astronaut. To pass the task, they must dance to Harder, Faster, Stronger, by Daft Punk. The two dancers have words written on their limbs and bodies. In synch with the song and the words, they have to lift their limbs and show their bodies on which the words of the song are written. Sounds easy, but it speeds up and I don’t think that they will be able to do it.

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