Big Brother UK S10E102 (Channel 4)

The HM have been told that they are taking part in a nominations quiz. The HM see some nominations footage. They see Siavash nominate Lisa 6 times. We see Roddy nominate Lisa and Sophie nominate David.

Lisa bitches about Siavash nominating her 6 times. That’s easy because she nominated him even more times.

BB has gathered the HM in the living room to answer questions about the noms. For each correct answer by the HM, they will receive a £100 towards the prize fund. Roddy starts an argument when they are asked about who Charlie and Roddy arguing all the time.

Lisa is unhappy with Siavash for nominating her so many times. She’s a hypocrite. They’ve added £5000 to the prize fund, which stands at £20000.

HM are unaware that they will be nominating today for the last time. A HM will be evicted on Tuesday.

Lisa tells David that Siavash is a liar. Sophie tells Siavash and Roddy that Lisa’s true colors are coming out. It’s because there are no more nominations. Sophie says that she’s a nasty piece of work. Siavash doesn’t care. Sophie took the nominations to heart.

Charlie is called to the diary room. He starts freaking out when he is asked to nominate. He says that he can’t nominate. He is told that if he doesn’t nominate, he will face eviction. He doesn’t nominate. Roddy says that he won’t nominate. Roddy marshals the HM so that they don’t nominate. David says that he will nominate. Lisa says that he won’t nominate. David tries to refuse, but he rapidly crumbles.

When he comes out, he says that he nominated but doesn’t reveal his nominations. Charlie says that David nominate Siavash and Roddy. David emphasizes that no one is telling him what to do. Charlie isn’t happy with what David has done. Charlie gets really worked up. Lisa is happy to nominate. She’s got a big smile when she sits down in the diary room chair.

Roddy tells David that he is scared of revealing his nominations about being nominated. When he is pushed by Roddy and Charlie, he says that he nominated Siavash and Sophie.

Lisa comes out and argues with Charlie. Charlie has lost some respect for her. Siavash doesn’t care. Roddy comes out crying. He says who he nominated. Charlie and Roddy go into the garden. Roddy starts arguing with Sophie. Lisa is condescending to Roddy.


Charlie             n/a
David              Siavash           Sophie            “She said that I want attention.”
Lisa                 Siavash           Roddy             “He lied to me.”
Roddy             Lisa                 David              “Because the way she speaks.”
Siavash            n/a
Sophie             n/a

All HM will face the public vote. Later, Lisa and David are talking about Roddy. The rest of the HM are talking about walking out of the house. They make fun of David and Lisa always going for a fag and a cuppa. David walks back in when he hears them laughing. David tells Lisa that they are talking the piss out of them. He goes out to smoke a fag with Lisa.

Lisa and David are in the kitchen. The other HM are in the diary room. They want to leave the BBUK house. They say that they want to walk out because of Lisa and David. Charlie hesitates. He wants to take a shower.

When Lisa and David are sleeping, Charlie makes a boo. It wakes Lisa up. She is totally pissed at him. Charlie doesn’t let it lie. They argue. Charlie isn’t that bothered. David and Lisa go out to smoke.

* * * * *

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