Big Brother UK S10E11 (Channel 4)

Last night, Cairon and Sree had an argument. Freddie tries to tell Sree to be careful. Sree says that he doesn’t care about Cairon. He doesn’t want to hear what the HM have to say to him. The other HM are talking about Sree.

A bit later, Siavash wants to know why Sree is talking about leaving. Noirin tells Lisa that Karly has got a boyfriend. They are talking about the girls in the house. Noirin doesn’t get why Sophie is so withdrawn. They talk about losing HM and how that is going to be.

Some of the HM are in the bathroom. For some reason, Angel is shaving her face. Siavash is in the diary room. The mood is tense in the house after last night’s argument. He says that he is least close to Charlie. He is close to Cairon, Marcus and Sophie. Siavash thinks that Charlie fancies him. He thinks that Halfwit fancies him as well. He thinks that most of the girls fancy him as well, especially Angel.

I’m not here to judge, I’m here to reject.

Kris and Sophie are snuggling in the garden. Sophie is lying on Kris and she is stroking him. He gives her a kiss whispers something in her ear. Kris tells her jokingly that her boobs scare him. They kiss a bit on the lips.

They are cuddling in the kitchen. Sophia interrupts them and Kris leaves. Charlie has come to the diary room. He says that Kris has got Sophie. Charlie says that Kris wants to see Sophie’s personality because she’s quiet.

Siavash is called to the diary room. There is a dunce cap saying that “I am an idiot” and a placard saying “Housemates are reminded not to break the rules regarding nominations”. He broke the rules last night. He can only take it off when he goes to the loo. The other HM are having fun in the garden. Most of the HM find this hilarious.

Cairon is called to the diary room. He has to explain his behavior. He is trying to get out of getting told off. He is told that he cannot intimidate anyone in the BBUK house.

Kris and Sophie are in the bedroom cuddling and kissing. The duvet is over their heads to hide the action. Sree is cooking some Indian food. Noirin says that it’s a bit spicy. Lisa tells Kris and Charlie that the food is very spicy. They both don’t like spicy food.

Sophie and Karly are in the bathroom. Sophie says that she snogged Kris when asked by Karly. She wants to know if Kris likes her for real. Karly says that he obviously fancies Sophie.

It’s eviction night. Lisa wants to see Sophia off and Freddie is being a shit. Lisa has an argument with him. BB tells the HM that they have to stay in the sitting room.

Freddie has come to the diary room. He’s pretty happy to be in the house for another week. He looks a bit crazy when he says this.

Marcus tells Sophie that they both got in because of the way they look. He calls them pieces of meat. Karly also got into the house because of her looks as well. Siavash is here because of his pile of clothes. Sree got into the house as an underdog. Noirin is the girl next door. Rodrigo is the nice guy from another country. Lisa is a tough woman. Freddie is a politician.

Angel tells Rodrigo and Siavash that she has had a relationship with two girls.

Freddie and Lisa talk about their argument and make up. Sophie and Kris are back in the bed.

Karly is in the diary room. She can’t stand Marcus anymore. She thinks that he is a disgusting pig. She knows that he knows that she dislikes him. She’s avoided him.

Sophie is in Kris’ bed. They have some under the cover action going on. I guess that Kris made it to 3rd base.

* * * * *

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