Big Brother UK S11E02 (Channel 4)

It’s like some kind of prison designed by Boy George

During the launch night, Ben and Rachael have already bonded because they were both booed for being such wankers. Rachael is quite pudgy. I don’t think that she looks like Beyoncé. Maybe a fat Beyoncé. Corin is supposed to be a total chav. That’s what they said on BBBM. Ben is sizing up JJ. His parents are British and he’s got a British passports. He doesn’t think that he’s going to win because he’s a foreigner.

Mario says that he’s roasting in his mole suit. Rachael said that she would shower naked before she saw the see-thru glass shower stall. She won’t be going naked anytime soon. Govan and Josie are there talking.

Ife, Ben, Mario, JJ, and Steve are in the nest. Dave is talking to Steve about his rehabilitation. It took him about a year to start moving around normally again.

Mario tells that his then partner bought him the diary room chair from the season with Niki and Pete Bennett.

JJ, Govan, and Nate are in the garden. JJ is learning everyone’s names. He’s concerned that shabby might be offensive. They like Caoimhe. They call her the hot Irish chick. They try and learn the names of the hot girls. Sunshine is easy to remember.

BB tells the HM that the Mole Hole is now open. Only Mario can open it through the garden bathroom. They check it out. Now they know why there was a missing bed. Shabby says that it stinks. Josie says that it’s cold.

The HM present themselves. Ife has got some strange beliefs. She believes in something called the Secret. Corin is a widow. Wow. Ben is quite full of himself.

I can pee standing up. I don’t like squatting in alleyways. […] You just want to pee standing up and touch girls.

Mario goes into the bathroom to receive further instructions for his impossible task. The chest of temptation talks with Mario. He’s got to write an incriminating message on a beach ball and pretend that it was thrown over. He must divulge anything about the chest of temptation. He hides the stuff in his pillow.

Sunshine is in the diary room. Caoimhe and Mario talk. She says that she isn’t single. He wonders if Ben is gay. His gaydar isn’t working. Caoimhe says that he’s gay. Ben comes back. Mario asks if he is gay. Ben says that he is straight. Then, Ben asks Caoimhe if she’s got a girlfriend. She tells him that she’s got a boyfriend.

At about 4AM, Mario is writing something on the beach ball.

He waits for a while before throwing the ball out. All of the HM are kind of making fun of him. Meanwhile, Mario is crawling around the backyard trying to position the beach ball. He’s very nervous but manages to do so.

It’s a little past 5AM. Most of the HM are asleep. Shabby, Ife, Govan, and Caoimhe are in the kitchen. Shabby sees it. She sees that there is writing on it. It says that David is the most hated. BB tells the HM to bring the beach ball to the diary room. Shabby and Govan manage to get it into the diary room.

* * * * *

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