Big Brother UK S10E37 (Channel 4)

Sree was evicted last night. Halfwit is crying like a baby. Freddie says that he isn’t all right. He goes to the diary room. Marcus tells the HM that Freddie waited for the cameras to start bawling. Halfwit says that he is trapped. Halfwit made a comment to Sophie and Kris about playing up to cameras. Siavash told him that he was like the smart kid that no one listened to in class. BB tells him that talking with his fellow HM might help. BB tells him off for wiping his nose on his sleeve. He talks with Marcus and Noirin. Marcus tells him that he shouldn’t alter the way he acts, or he won’t be himself. Halfwit apologizes to Kris for what he said. Kris accepts it and it’s sorted.

Halfwit asks for a cuddle of Charlie. It’s pathetic.

BB has called Rodrigo to the diary room. He has been chosen to complete a secret mission. He has 30 minutes to convince one of his HM to crawl on their knees and bark like a dog. If he completes it, he gets some luxury food items.

Rodrigo comes out of the diary room and shows them his swollen foot. Charlie tells him that if he is too badly hurt, they will take him out of the show. They tell him to get off his feet. Kris senses something odd. He comments on how Rodrigo got onto his knees three times.

Rodrigo comes to see Sophie. He is able to convince her to go around on her knees and bark. So he passes his secret mission.

Noirin and Lisa are talking about Marcus. Lisa gives her some advice. Marcus is not Noirin’s type. Marcus has come to the diary room. He is going on about how Sophie talked to him about Sophie. He is under the impression that she fancies him, which makes him uncomfortable. He’s completely delusional.

Rodrigo is in the bathroom. Charlie and Kris plan on dumping Rodrigo in the pool. He’s not going to like it. He squeals like a baby. Before they can put him in, BB makes an announcement. Charlie and Kris weren’t planning on putting him in the pool. At least, that’s what they tell him.

Rodrigo tells Halfwit that he would never ignore what Charlie did to him. Rodrigo tells Halfwit that Charlie was being violent. Rodrigo starts arguing with Charlie. He says that Charlie was being rude. Rodrigo tells Charlie to shut up repeatedly. Rodrigo is by the pool. Charlie, Karly and Lisa are walking around in the garden.

Marcus, Siavash, Halfwit and Noirin are talking about Rodrigo. It’s gone so far that they can’t tell if it’s serious or a joke. Halfwit keeps talking about ground rules. The HM get some alcoholic fruit punch and some strawberries because of Rodrigo, who’s nowhere to be found. Siavash goes looking for him. Rodrigo is crying in the bathroom. Charlie comes to get him. Charlie knows that Rodrigo has been crying. Rodrigo apologizes to him for his behavior. He doesn’t even know why they were arguing. Most of the time, he was joking.

It’s almost midnight and all of the HM are in the garden. Karly and Sophie think that if they get nominated, they will get evicted. Rodrigo is in the diary room. He doesn’t know why the dynamics between him and Charlie are like that. He starts to cry again in the diary room. He’s worried about the way that he is portrayed on the outside through the cameras. He doesn’t want to be known for arguments.

* * * * *

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