Big Brother UK S10E03 (Channel 4)

It’s day 2. Lisa is hung over. BB announces that there is a task. A bunch of masked men storm the BBUK house. They are Special Forces. BB is playing white noise. The HM aren’t coming out of the bedroom. Siavash is acting out. He’s told off. BB announces that NHM are in the hands of the Special Forces. If the NHM don’t want to participate, they need to say a safe word. Siavash thinks it’s funny is being a dick. He won’t make HM status today. BB calls the HM to the diary room. They are getting a nice breakfast. They can’t share their breakie with the NHM.

BB calls a NHM to the diary room. Saffia goes in first. She gets an envelope. She has to read the instructions aloud to the group. 3 NHM are about to become HM. In order to do so, each must compete in a challenge set up by the SF. Walking across broken glass. The other challenge involves suffering through 30 seconds of ultimate Special Forces challenge. They have to decide who participates. It’s a bit confusing. Saffia has to confirm the choices. She says that Saffia and Charlie will walk across glass. Karly will do the ultimate challenge.

Saffia and Charlie have to walk across broken glass. The Special Forces give instructions. Saffia and Charlie complete the task. They become HM. HM were unaware that they were walking on sugar glass. Health & Safety wouldn’t have permitted real glass.

It’s time for the Scottish lass Karly. A dirtbike appears. It circles Karly. She is blindfolded. The Special Forces pretend to ride over Karly while scaring her. The dirtbike doesn’t drive over. It was just a spare wheel. Karly becomes a HM. 40 minutes later, the Special Forces have left the BBUK house.

Saffia, Charlie, and Karly receive their breakfast. They say that there is tension in the group now. NHM receive breakfast. It’s porridge.

Freddie comes to the diary room. He says that Marcus is an angry person. He fancied Sophie at first. The HM are receiving their lunch. The NHM get some soup.

I eat cat biscuits all of the time!

Saffia and Charlie feel like the NHM resent them. Noirin and Sophie are in the bathroom. Sophie is crying because her bra doesn’t fit her huge fake tits. The group tries to make Sophie feel better.

BB calls two NHM to the diary room. One male and one female. Freddie gets there first, but Cairon tries to push him aside. Freddie doesn’t let him. The other NHM in is Sophie. BB tells them that they must both complete the challenge successfully to become HM. They must change their names and require everyone to call them by the new name. Sophie wants to change her name to Fanny. Freddie’s new name is Halfwit and Sophie’s will be Dogface. BB tells them that they are HM now. The HM get another feast. Crazy Angel wants the NHM to clean up the room. The NHM get their same kind of soup again. Siavash is complaining a lot. Marcus isn’t eating either.

Saffia and Karly are talking about Charlie and Sophie. They both like them. Saffia says that Sophia has got a problem about her. Meanwhile Sophia is bitching about Saffia to Sophie.

Beanie Beinazir comes to the diary room. I think that she’s going to have a cry. She says that she would rather sleep in the diary room than out there.

* * * * *

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