Big Brother UK S10E44 (Channel 4)

Tonight, Kris will be evicted. Noirin wonders why she isn’t called more into the diary room. Siavash and Halfwit are in the bathroom talking about what will happen tonight. They don’t think that Kris will be faithful to Sophie if he leaves the house. Kris and Sophie are fooling around in the shower.

Marcus and Noirin are talking about Bible camp. Marcus fondly remembers that once everyone forgot about his birthday. People from the church came by to give him some chocolate and a card.

Halfwit is pretty full of himself in the diary room.

Later, Rodrigo tells Halfwit that everyone should clean up after themselves.

Karly, Charlie, Kris and Lisa are playing American Idol. Lisa is playing Simon Cowell.

Siavash is called to the diary room for peeling off the paint off some chair. Noirin asks Halfwit advice on how to apologize to Siavash. She is sorry for causing a scene and calling him names, but she doesn’t forgive him. Halfwit says that Siavash handled the situation badly, but she can apologize for that, not for everything. Siavash walks out of the diary room.

A few hours later, Rodrigo notices that the paint on the seat in the garden is peeling. He comes to ask Charlie, Kris and Lisa. They think that they don’t know anything about it. They decide to wind him up as usual. They tell him that Siavash is responsible. Rodrigo goes storming into the kitchen. He isn’t happy. He complains and whinges to all of the HM. He’s right. It looks awful. Rodrigo says that it’s like animals. Charlie and other HM find it funny.

Rodrigo comes to the diary room and starts to cry. He’s more upset that someone is going to leave tonight. It has nothing to do with the chair.

Lisa can’t believe that Kris is gone. It throws her game into disarray. Karly is trying to comfort Sophie. Sophie won’t last long. Noirin said a little prayer to keep Marcus in, and he is incredibly touched by her gesture.

Rodrigo and Siavash make up. Rodrigo is a bit embarrassed. Siavash feels ashamed about what he did. Marcus has come to the diary room. He says that he is the x-factor.

Lisa is trying to make Sophie feel better. She’s with Karly and her at the Bus Stop. For some reason, Lisa is wearing Kris’ hoodie. Charlie and Rodrigo join them.

Following their argument, Noirin and Siavash haven’t spoken in two days. Siavash says that he just reported what he had heard, even though the others denied saying that. That is why Kris is gone. Noirin apologizes for the way she acted. She knows that Halfwit and Marcus trust Siavash, so she still doesn’t know what went on. Halfwit says that Marcus should shave his head. Siavash says so as well. Marcus agrees. Siavash says that he should keep the sideburns. Marcus says that he will shave everything off. This is what they promised to do if they stayed in the house.

The other HM are commiserating about losing Kris. Sophie is crying a bit. They say that Noirin is putting herself back into the Marcus situation.

Once again, Marcus tries to make a move on Noirin, but she tells him that there is nothing between them.

Siavash has come to the diary room. He doesn’t trust Noirin. He has been fooled too many times by her.

Marcus, Halfwit and Noirin are talking in the bathroom. He tells Noirin that she should be aware that the new pecking order is already in place thanks to Lisa. Noirin has trouble believing it. Halfwit confirms it. Marcus says that people work their gameplans. This has all to do with the bed switching that went on.

* * * * *

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