Big Brother UK S10E42-43 (Channel 4)

Kris, Karly and Dogface are in the kitchen. Siavash and Marcus are by the pool. Last night, Siavash and Noirin had a big argument, after Siavash alleged that some of the HM call her a rabbit, hopping from group to group. Marcus says that he might be in trouble because he talked about noms.

Some of the HM are talking about the argument. Halfwit tells Noirin that she responded wrongly to friendly advice. Noirin is very stubborn and can’t admit fault with what she has done.

Halfwit says that beautiful women lie more than anyone else. He says this to Siavash. Kris and Lisa are talking about Noirin. Sometimes she behaves like they are best mates, and then ignores him. He doesn’t think that Siavash is a game player. He just got caught up with things and conversations. He implies that if they stay, Siavash will have messed up big time. This means that they will nominate him together en masse. He will be punished for this.

Noirin is over with Marcus. She doesn’t think she can apologize to Siavash. She is still so angry. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She thinks that Siavash is a liar. This means that Siavash will be easily nominated next week. She says that Siavash is a slimy, two-faced, dickhead to her. Marcus says that if he was in her position, then he would apologize. Noirin doesn’t think that Siavash will admit that he said stuff about her. Noirin comes over nearer to Marcus when prompted. Marcus tells her that some details changed in Siavash’s story. He says that Karly has spread around some shit about Freddie. Lisa is using Karly as her mouthpiece. She shouldn’t think that they wouldn’t spread rumors about her around.

Inside, Siavash thanks Halfwit for getting involved. Siavash thinks that Noirin is a nice girl, but she’s afraid of being nominated.

Karly has come to the diary room. She says that there was a war yesterday. She thinks that they should just drop the whole thing and grow up. Three of her mates are up for nomination. She thinks that either Halfwit and Marcus are going to go. Her mates are fine. Halfwit hasn’t bugged her this week. She wants Marcus to go.

Marcus tells Halfwit that he did some truth heroism last night. Marcus imitates Halfwit and it’s pretty funny. Lisa tells Kris, Charlie, and Sophie that Freddie is getting strong again with his new hair. Lisa and Kris say that people who change the way they act in the house aren’t being themselves.

Siavash has been called to the diary room. He is going to get punished for talking about noms. He will receive his punishment after Friday’s eviction.

I wonder how much tea you have to drink in order to turn into tea.
Marcus to Halfwit

He comes to see Marcus and Halfwit. They almost talk about noms. Haflwit says that he shouldn’t tell anyone. Marcus tells him to tell everyone so that their votes aren’t wasted. He goes to tell all of the HM.

Marcus says that if they both stay. It will wind the other HM up. The HM have received this week’s hopping. They received a mystery prize. It’s facepaint. Lisa and Karly are bored. They want something to happen. New people will change the dynamic of the group.

Halfwit has been called to the diary room. He would like Kris to go. It will leave the other side in shambles. Sophie will gravitate towards Rodrigo.

Charlie finishes facepainting Freddie. He looks like a cat. Marcus and Noirin are talking in the sitting room. Marcus has told Noirin to trust her instincts. Halfwit predicted that Lisa would be the instigator for conflicts. Noirin is surprised.

Noirin, Halfwit and Marcus are talking in the kitchen. She kind of apologizes. She says that she was seeing red last night. She says that he is funny. Marcus is called to the diary room. He’d like either Kris, Charlie or Sophie would leave. He likes Freddie.

Rodrigo, Marcus and Noirin are in the garden playing. Charlie, Karly and Lisa are in the living room. Karly says that if Charlie goes, it will be shit in the house. Kris tells Siavash that Charlie and Siavash are favorites to win. Sophie isn’t happy that he didn’t say her name. Kris says that girls don’t really stay that long. Siavash says that people might think that Marcus is too loud.

That night, Noirin scares Rodrigo in his bed.

Eviction Night BBUK S10E43

Kris is evicted. Charlie can’t believe it. Sophie is starting to get teary-eyed. Karly is crying. Kris leaves the house. He gets booed.

Melanie Blath and psychologist Jeffrey Beaty join Davina in grilling Kris. Kris is surprised that Sophie is being called Dogface. He is told that she changed her name legally by DPol. Kris is told that he is here because of his rule-breaking.

Melanie thinks that the right person has been evicted. Jeff says that he tried to be the alpha male, but failed because he didn’t confront other men. There is an alpha female in the house, in Lisa, and he took a lot of cues from her. From the outside, his taking on of Halfwit looked like bullying. He is surprised that people love Halfwit. Davina says that he had a go at Halfwit for no apparent reason. He was mean to his face.

He says that he does care about Sophie. Davina says that Jeffrey has analyzed his body language. He was giving unconvincing answers to BB if he found Sophie attractive. To Jeffrey, it doesn’t look genuine. This was verbal evidence. His body language was using self-adapters that display anxiety. He was asked if he would be in contact with Dogface after he leaves the house. Kris says that he was worried about what Dogface would say in the diary room. Jeffrey isn’t convinced.

* * * * *

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