Big Brother S10E09-10 (Channel 4)

It’s eviction night!

Last night, Saffia decided to leave the BBUK house. Who is going to go, between Sophia and Halfwit? My bets are on Sophia. She’s a miserable little hobbit.

Saffia and Kris are talking. They had a cuddle and she is making a big deal. She thinks that he will cuddle anyone.

The HM are warned not to talk about noms by BB. Marcus, Sree, and Sophia are culpable. Sophia starts arguing with Saffia and Charlie. As a result, the price for all of this week’s shopping has been doubled. Charlie has come to the diary room reading out the shopping list.

Saffia has come to the diary room. She says that she doesn’t want to be here anymore. She wants to leave. BB tells her to think about this. She goes outside to confront Sophia, who told everyone that Saffia was boring. They start arguing. Sophia starts getting aggressive. Saffia tells Sophia that she is ignorant. Saffia leaves. Sophia keeps harping Saffia. Charlie calls Sophia ridiculous. BB calls Sophia to the diary room. Later, Saffia is called to calm down. She talks about Kris. She implies that other girls are going after him. She thinks that Kris was flirting with her and then he jumped into Sophie’s bed.

For some reason, Charlie and Sophia make up. Saffia tells Kris that she wants to leave. Charlie doesn’t want her to go either. Halfwit is in the diary room. He thinks that Sophia is really bitchy.

Kris, Dogface, and Cairon are in the diary room. Saffia tells the rest of the group that she is leaving. Sophia rolls her eyes. She says her goodbyes and leaves. She has to go back into the house while they prepare for her departure.

Some of the HM are kind of numb. Sophia says that she didn’t think that Saffia was going to cry. Saffia leaves.

Marcus has come to the diary room. He says that Sree, Cairon and Siavash make him laugh. Sree tells Siavash that the way that he talks is uncomfortable to him about women. Things get ugly between Sree and Cairon. They start arguing. Cairon calls Sree a pussy little bitch. Sree makes things worse and Cairon gets riled up again. BB tells Cairon to go to the bedroom. Sophia tries to calm him down. Sree goes to the diary room. He says that he wants to leave.

Cairon, Siavash, Karly, and Lisa are at the Bus Stop. Lisa says that Sree needs to keep away if he offends Cairon.

Siavash tells Marcus and Angel that he spends a lot of money on his clothes and he doesn’t want people to touch them.

Sree is with Charlie in the sitting room and he’s crying like a little bitch.

Cairon is in the diary room. He says that he is sorry about the way he behaved. Sree has been pushing his buttons for a few days now. He just reached the boiling point. It’s under control.

BBUK S10E10 Eviction and Interview

Sophia is evicted. She is shocked. She didn’t think that she was going. She starts to cry.

For reasons yet unknown, Siavash is wearing a dunce cap and a big sign saying:

“Housemates are reminded not break the rules regarding nominations.”

Maybe he broke the rules once again? We’ll see that in tomorrow’s episode.

Sophia gets universally booed. She starts to laugh nervously again. It’s some kind of defense mechanism. Davina has got Judy James and another behavioral expert with her to interrogate the evicted HM.

Davina wants to know what her problem was with Saffia. It goes back to the glass walking task. Sophia didn’t want to make peace with her. Davina tells Sophia that Saffia left because of what was happening between Kris and Sophie.

Don tells Sophia that she has a Napoleon complex. Judy tells Sophia that she was suicidal in her strategy. She went after the leader of the posse. That’s why she got evicted. Judy wants to know why she went after Saffia, the obvious alpha of the pack. Don says that she should have gone after the worker bees, not the queen bee. Sophia says that she didn’t like Saffia.

After having been shown footage of her argument with Saffia, she admits that she was aggressive. Judy says that after losing that argument, Saffia had no option but to leave. The other thing was that her lieutenant Charlie hugged Sophia. If Saffia would have seen that, it would have been the last straw.

Davina wants to know what would happen if Saffia would have stayed. Judy says that Sophia started acting like a peace maker in the house.

Don says that she didn’t go after Sophia. All Saffia did was what any HM would have done.

* * * * *

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