Big Brother UK S10E20 (Channel 4)

Noirin tells Angel that Sree is smothering her. Halfwit is happy that he stayed in the house. Halfwit says that the accusations hurled at Angel yesterday were uncalled for. Karly doesn’t really sympathize much. She doesn’t like Angel much.

Noirin and Sree are in the sitting room. Last night, he was a git as usual. She isn’t talking to him really. She has nothing to say to him. He leaves. Sophie, Halfwit and Kris are in the bathroom. Sophie and Kris kiss. Kris isn’t repentant about what he told Angel. He only asked her a few times. Halfwit wants Kris to apologize, but he won’t. Halfwit leaves. Kris tells Sophie that he won’t lose any sleep over it.

Sree comes back to see Noirin and demands that they sit together in the garden. She tells him to grow up. Sree tells him that he doesn’t like Marcus’ attitude. Noirin tells Sree that Marcus has nothing to do with this. This has to do with Sree, not Marcus. Noirin is pissed off. Noirin tells him that the way that talked to her last night wasn’t forgivable. She doesn’t want to be his friend if he talks to his friends like that. They get into an argument because Sree doesn’t admit to any wrongdoing. Noirin tells Sree that he isn’t making any sense. He doesn’t think that he has to apologize. He is being condescending to her. She isn’t finding any of this funny. He grabs her and wants her to sit on his lap, but she refuses and pulls away. He can’t let it go.

Later, Sree has got his arm around Noirin again. He is forcing himself on her. He is being a git again. He called her two-faced. She says that she doesn’t like hugs. He wants her to kiss him, but he doesn’t.

Kris and Charlie are talking about Halfwit. Sophie is in the diary room talking about Kris and Charlie. She thinks that they are inseparable. She says that the house is disappointed that Cairon left. She doesn’t really like Halfwit.

Marcus is making a present for Noirin.

Sophie tells Sree that she is cold. He tells her to put on some clothes. They horse around a bit. Sree once again is a git. Sree comes to the diary room. He thinks that Noirin misunderstands her. He doesn’t think he did something wrong. Sree has got a high opinion of himself.

BB has gathered the HM for today’s task. Today, the HM must learn Russian. They must translate phrases into Russian. Each HM has to do it. They’ve got two hours to practice and then BB will call them to the diary room. There are two tokens at stake. Sree is shit at this task. He is drinking tea, eating biscuits and talking to himself. He isn’t really practicing much. If HM pronounce six or more phrases correctly, they pass. So far, Kris pronounced one phrase correctly. Noirin and Siavash are in the kitchen. Siavash thinks that Marcus has also a crush on her. She says that she doesn’t want another stalker. Marcus is tested next. He got two phrases correct. He comes out and Sree wants to go next. Sree is jeopardizes the task and he starts an argument. He goes to the kitchen and vents to Noirin and Siavash. Noirin says that Sree is so rude. Meanwhile, Lisa and Sree hear him talking. Noirin says that he moans and cries and hides behind Lisa. Noirin calls him a f*cking fanny head. Angel translated all three of her sentences.

Sree starts talking Siavash. Siavash tells Sree that Angel should have gone first. Marcus and Noirin are in the kitchen talking about the git Sree. Noirin says that Sree was talking about Marcus the whole time.

Karly is in the diary room. She says that she has forgotten everything. She doesn’t get any right. HM have passed the task by getting 7 phrases correctly.

Later, some of the HM are playing a game. Rodrigo, Dogface and Marcus are in the bedroom. Noirin has to lick Sophie’s boob as part of a game. It’s a game of dare. Sophie has to nibble on Sree’s ear. Charlie tells Sree that he has to suck Marcus’ nipple. He actually does it.

Most of the HM are in the living room talking about Halfwit. Siavash says that Halfwit turned very camp. Charlie says that he fancies Angel. Karly thinks that Halfwit fancies Charlie.

Noirin has come to the diary room. She says that Sree is doing her head in. She is washing her hands of him. If he doesn’t grow up, they aren’t going to be friends. Sree keeps mouthing off to everyone. People in the house are biting their tongues and not saying anything to him. Sooner or later, things will go wrong.

Angel is giving Sree a massage.

* * * * *

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