Big Brother UK S10E64 (Channel 4)

Rodrigo, Dogface and Siavash are in the bathroom. Bea tells Noirin that she’s pissed off about HM. Noirin says that you feel like that sometimes in this house. Lisa arrives. Bea just made herself some French toast. She serves herself. Lisa complains about tea bags and takes the last ones. She supposes that someone is hiding tea bags. She makes a snide remark about Bea’s food and leaves. Bea tells Noirin that it was completely unnecessary.

Bea is tired and goes to see BB. She says that Lisa pissed her off. Noirin says that Lisa has been playing it safe for a week. The real Lisa is going to come out.

Siavash tells Halfwit that Bea is really stressed. Halfwit says that Bea is really sexually frustrated. Halfwit says that if they weren’t in the house, he would have tapped Bea. Bea is trying to distance herself from Halfwit by talking about her lovers on the outside, but it makes Halfwit just hornier.

Noirin comes to see Marcus in the garden. He’s been lying low for days. Charlie brings him some food. She asks if they will still be doing the London thing. Marcus asks her why would she want to? Then Marcus says that he wants to be treated like everyone else in the house. Noirin says that she feels like Marcus has been angry a lot. They cuddle under the covers. Marcus says that the reason she is involved with Siavash is because they are locked in the house together. If Siavash’s girlfriend was here, Noirin wouldn’t get a second look. Also, Bea is a lot more affectionate, so Noirin is kind of competing with her. Marcus thinks that she might have kissed Siavash just because the new HM arrived. She asks if Marcus thinks that she is bad. Marcus says yes. She is also stupid because she didn’t think things through. Marcus says that he doesn’t hate her, she just pisses him off. They are cuddling.

For this week’s shopping task, the HM must master the art of puppetry. HM have already chosen Marcus as the leader. Hira doesn’t know how the legs work. It’s the hands of the heads. The puppetry looks quite complex. It’s not going to be easy.

Bea tells Siavash that she wants to be his girlfriend. She’s just being cute. Bea says that she is perfect for him. She would be such a better girlfriend than Noirin.

Lisa and Halfwit are talking at the Bus Stop. Bea tells Marcus that she feels sorry for Siavash. Marcus hasn’t got much sympathy for Siavash. He just pissed his relationship away, while Noirin was just being herself. Bea says that she can’t see them together.

Noirin is talking with Siavash in the kitchen. She says that Marcus talked to her. He made a lot of sense. Siavash doesn’t like that because he knows it was about him.

It’s been an hour since BB has provided the HM with props and costumes, as well as instructions on a DVD.

The boy band is doing a lot better than the girl band. BB will play the music into the house. Noirin and Hira aren’t trying very hard. Charlie drops the DVD player from the table. He’s a git.

They have been practicing for over two hours. BB announces that the results of the noms will be revealed shortly. BB says that Marcus and Noirin are nominated. The HM resume practicing. Siavash just walks off. He goes to the toilet. Siavash comes back and tells Rodrigo and Dogface that he feels like it’s his fault.

Noirin keeps saying that at least she knows that everyone hates her. Bea says that not everyone hates her. Freddie didn’t look in her face, as well as Sophie, Charlie and Rodrigo. Noirin says that Freddie isn’t happy about her and Siavash. Freddie didn’t nominate her.

Freddie tells Marcus that he thinks that he has been burning bridges with Bea. Marcus doesn’t understand, but Freddie doesn’t want to get into it in front of everyone.

Bea asks Noirin if she will miss Siavash if she leaves. Siavash arrives. Bea is getting tired of Freddie who constantly analyzes everyone else. Freddie is a bit of a drama queen. Siavash tells Bea that Freddie feels like she is ignoring him. Bea just wants a bit of space. He goes to the Bus Stop as soon as he sees Bea there. It’s annoying.

David has come to the diary room. He’s very happy that he wasn’t nominated. He nominated both Noirin and Marcus. Halfwit is having a lie down. Marcus, Siavash, and Noirin are in the sitting room. Bea says that she would like to go to bed, but Freddie will just start talking to her. She is going to have a smoke and then she’s going to bed. Siavash joins Bea. Noirin makes a retort at them. She says that Siavash is the new Freddie. When they leave, Marcus tells her off for this. Noirin doesn’t like this and leaves.

Marcus is in the diary room. He asks BB permission to swear. He does so. He doesn’t care if he is nominated. He isn’t going to change his behavior. If Noirin leaves, a massive weight will be lifted.

Bea apologizes to Freddie for not talking to him today. Freddie apologizes for being insensitive yesterday. Bea says that she will spend a lot less time getting involved with stuff that doesn’t concern her. Freddie gives her a cuddle and she goes to sleep.

Siavash is in the living room. He wants to have a chat with Marcus, but he doesn’t really want to. Marcus says that he has taken a step back from the group.

It’s too bad that Noirin and Marcus are nominated. They are big characters and make the show worthwhile watching. Siavash apologizes. Siavash got a smile on his lips. It’s hard to say if he is genuine. Siavash says that he considers Marcus one of his closest friends. He will still be on his side no matter what happens. Marcus thanks him, but they have to get on with things. Siavash says that he can punch him, if it would make him feel better. Marcus says that he doesn’t do that. Siavash asks if he is going to lecture him. Marcus says what’s done is done, and no one would listen anyway. Siavash goes to bed with Noirin.

* * * * *

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