Big Brother UK S10E08 (Channel 4)

Later today, BB will announce the results of this week’s noms. Sophia and Halfwit will face the public vote. Sophie, Karly and some others are talking about Sree. They think that he is a hypocrite.

Sree asks Halfwit what he thinks about him. Freddie says that he doesn’t really get along with him. Sree says that it’s because they don’t talk.

Karly has come to the diary room. She says that there are two groups in the house. One includes Charlie, Marcus and Siavash. The other group is too serious.

Kris is giving Sophie a massage. She says that Freddie doesn’t do real massages. Kris finds it funny. Noirin is giving Marcus a massage. She says that Sophie has surprised her. Marcus agrees. Marcus likes her.

BB has gathered the HM for the weekly shopping task. Cairon is reading the instructions. They have to rescue something in the task room. I can’t tell because Cairon has trouble pronouncing words correctly. Oh, it’s an emerald. The task involves going through a laser obstacle course. The HM is allowed to break the beams 6 times. Each time one is broken, a balloon filled with custard will explode on a HM’s face. Kris is chosen to do the task.

Kris is wearing goggles that make the lasers invisible. He’s been provided with some luminescent spray to see the lasers. It doesn’t take long for Lisa to be covered in gunk. Karly follows soon after. Kris completes the task the rest of the way. For that, the HM get all splashed in gunk. The balloons are actually tied to some tubes that feed them from a vast supply.

A short while later, the HM are told that Sophia and Halfwit are nominated. Angel tries to make Freddie feel better.

Later, Lisa tells the group off for dipping their hands in the cereal. Lisa thinks that it’s disgusting. Angel says that she didn’t. Saffia points out that she saw her doing it before. Sophia comes to the diary room. She’s quite annoying. I’d rather get rid of Sophia than Freddie. However, Sophia is an entertaining HM.

Kris tells Angel that she is eating too many cans of beans. The food is for everyone. The food could have gone further. Each can could feed three people. Noirin tries to talk with Angel. She has taken it personally.

Freddie is watching Karly and Dogface work out. Sophia comes to see him. She says that she isn’t shocked that she was nominated.

It’s Angel’s birthday. She is in the diary room. She gets a bunch of Russian dolls. Each of them has a treat for her in them.

Sophie is grooming Kris. She fancies him. Later, Freddie pleads with some of the HM to let him sleep in peace. They annoy him and he leaves the bedroom. He goes to the diary room. The HM talk behind his back. Some of them decide to put his mattress into the toilet. It’s Marcus and Cairon. Rodrigo is upset that they are doing this. Angel drags it back.

Later, Sree tells on some of the HM. He tells Freddie. Sree comes to have a serious talk with BB. He’s a git.

* * * * *

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