Big Brother UK S11E22 (Channel 4)

This year, BB has installed some tipping beds to wake the HM up. Naturally, Ben’s bed is the only bed that tips over. JJ and Steve find it hilarious. JJ is taking a piss and it pisses Ben off.

Ben just gets back into bed. JJ imitates Ben. It’s funny.

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Big Brother UK S11E21 (Channel 4)

It’s another round of nominations. Yvette, Ben, Scabby, and Dave will probably get nominated.

Nate and Ife are whingeing about Scabby. She doesn’t do any cleaning up. They also whinge about Yvette. Yvette has got a mirror obsession and always goes for the cameras. She’s an attention-seeker.

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Big Brother UK S11E20 (Channel 4)

The HM wake up. It’s Steve’s birthday. They find muppets in the living room. They must talk through the puppets until further notice.

Have you ever heard of a vegan who doesn’t eat vegetables?
JJ about Yvette

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Big Brother UK S11E19 (Channel 4)

Moley thinks that he’s going to go. Govan has got his own suspicions of who will go. Josie says that Dave will go. The HM are still on basic rations. Also, they don’t have any hot water. Yvette is taking a shower. Ben says that mashed chick peas with oil and lemon are good as hummus, but alone they’re boring.

Scabby and Caoimhe are cooking some rice. Yvette tells JJ that she went around the world alone. She was mugged in Turkey. This is what prompted her trip around the world.

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Big Brother UK Eviction S11E17 (Channel 4)

Moley says that Yvette will be happy since they will all be vegans this week. Tobacco is also going to run out. There’s no hot water either. Moley tells Caoimhe and Ife that Ben constantly puts himself in hot water. Caoimhe tells him that he doesn’t need to fight Ben’s battles.

JJ complains to BB about the cold showers and the food. He says that he has never taken cold showers. I have, they aren’t pleasant, but they do wake you up. Also, they work well when you use them on your muscles as contrast showers. Later, JJ is taken a cold shower. He swears all of the way through. Josie is sucking her thumb. What is she, two years old. Josie and Govan decide to have some fun and spray JJ with the shower head.

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Big Brother UK S11E16 (Channel 4)

Today is backwards day. It’s 12:15PM. The HM have received takeaway curry and beer. They get some strange messages from BB. They go to the task room. They find a key that’s made out of LEGOs. They are unaware that today’s tasks involves doing everything backward. Govan, Josie, Steven and Ben start by dismantling the key.

Moley is giving a massage to Nate. That’s a bit on the gay side. Scabby, Moley, Ife, Corin, and Dave unmake the puzzle that has the instructions on how to construct the key to open the door to the luxury surprise.

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Big Brother UK S11E15 (Channel 4)

Ife and Nate are talking about Yvette. She always puts on a face for the cameras.

Moley tells Caoimhe that he saw a new face of Scabby when she made up with Ben.

Josie tells some of the HM that she’s been having really bad nightmares. Whenever this happens to her, it is to warn her of something bad that’s about to happen.

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Big Brother UK S11E14 (Channel 4)

Ben and Moley are in the bathroom. He needs some consoling from Moley and Dave.

Ife is sunbathing with some HM and she says that she heard that someone could die of farting too much. JJ apologizes to Ben. Ben is really needy. He asks the HM to stick close to him.

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Big Brother S11E13 (Channel 4)

Shabbs is still very moody over what happened. She’s talking it over with Josie. Shabbs feels like shit because of Ife. She was forced.

Govan comes to the diary room. He says that he wants to go home. He’s exhausted and can’t get any sleep. He is worried about how he appears to the black community. BB suggests that he talks with one of the HM. He says that he’ll talk it over with Corin, then he goes to talk with Ife.

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Big Brother UK S11E12 (Channel 4)

Fake Beyoncé was evicted but left a little gift for Corin.

BB is waking the house up with Corin’s favourite song. Yvette wasn’t sleeping. She springs up and looks to sing in front of the camera. It’s quite pathetic really. The boys just watch the girls going at it. Corin goes to bed with make-up. A lot of make-up.

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