Big Brother UK S11E22 (Channel 4)

This year, BB has installed some tipping beds to wake the HM up. Naturally, Ben’s bed is the only bed that tips over. JJ and Steve find it hilarious. JJ is taking a piss and it pisses Ben off.

Ben just gets back into bed. JJ imitates Ben. It’s funny.

You talk the whole f*cking time. You just got to shut up a bit more more. I’ve never known anyone to talk more rubbish in my life. You don’t say one interesting thing. You repeat 4 words over and over again. You’re a lovely person but you’re so stupid. […] I like people that are witty, you’re stupid . […] You got a small mind. If I was born you, my life would be reliant on McDonald’s and slapstick humour, I’d kill myself.
Ben on JJ

Ben and JJ have been arguing for over an hour. Caoimhe tries to make them make up, but they won’t. For one, JJ won’t let it drop. He won’t shake Ben’s hand. Caoimhe says he’s immature. He won’t shake his hand because Ben doesn’t think that he was wrong. Scabby and Caoimhe tell him to leave the bedroom.

Scabby thinks that she’s been well behaved this week. Yeah right, she’s a total mind job.

Ife comes to the diary room to beg for tobacco. The HM have run out of tobacco 2 days ago. BB wants a personal item from each HM. The items must include her hat, Scabby’s hat, Corin eyebrow pencil, Nate red and white shorts and one of Josie’s dresses. All HM must give up an item. In exchange, BB will give them two pouches of tobacco.

Important to Ife isn’t important to everyone. Our anal HM.

The non-smokers aren’t interested. Scabby isn’t interested in giving up her hat. I wouldn’t give anything up for the smokers. Smoking is a filthy habit. Scabby goes to have a cry in the carousel. Ah, isn’t that nice. What a drama queen!

Scabby and JJ are talking in the garden. It sounds like she wants to leave. JJ says that they’ve been in here for only two weeks, so they don’t know each other well.

Josie is in the diary room. She’s got a love-hate relationship with JJ. She wanted to wring his neck while he was arguing with Ben. He kept going on about things.

Caoimhe is in the nest. Scabby gives some other hats and vintage photographs. Josie and Moley are in to see BB. BB says that they need to bring Scabby’s hat and Ife’s hat. They’ve got one more chance otherwise the deal is off. Scabby is intransigent. Caoimhe leaves. Scabby throws her hat at Josie. Scabby is crying by herself. Caoimhe said that this situation is totally ridiculous before she left. Scabby is pissed off at this comment. Scabby is having another temper tantrum in the nest. Ben wishes she’ get over it.

Josie, JJ, and Steve are near the pool. Josie says that Scabby has got problems. To get so bent over shape over a hat is ridiculous. Josie thinks that this runs deeper. This has to do with Caoimhe.

Caoimhe tries to stop her. Scabby is going to the diary room with her hat. Caoimhe comes to the diary room with her. Scabby is freaking out. Caoimhe says that if it were her hat she would have given it up. Scabby freaks out some more. Caoimhe tells her that if she’s going to be like that, maybe she should keep the hat. Scabby throws the hat at BB and storms out. Caoimhe says that she cannot deal with this. Scabby comes to the bathroom and has another temper tantrum. She’s like a toddler.

Josie, Corin, and Ife are talking in the carousel. Scabby and JJ are talking about Caoimhe in the bathroom talking. Scabby says that she hasn’t got a choice when she is angry. Whatever, there’s always a choice. You don’t need to behave like a toddler when things don’t go your way.

Ife has been called to the diary room. She gets the tobacco. She brings it out. Josie says that she doesn’t want to talk to Scabby, because she’ll have a fit as usual.

The HM have been gathered to reveal the nominations. Dave, Yvette, and Scabby have been nominated. Nominated HM will take part in an immunity challenge. Scabby leaves for the bedroom. She’s making everyone uncomfortable.

This week’s challenge is a save and replace task. Dave wins the task. Scabby is being a bitch. He chooses Caoimhe. Caoimhe isn’t happy. Whatever, they did the same to Ben and Moley. Scabby says that they should leave together.

Caoimhe says that this proves what kind of a prick Dave is. Caoimhe doesn’t give a f*ck anymore. She won’t shut up, she’ll say what she likes.

Moley comes to see Caoimhe. He says that she’s taking it better than he did last week.

Dave tells Caoimhe that he’s sorry. He says he had to pick someone. She says that it was a difficult situation, but he shouldn’t lick arse. She isn’t impressed.

JJ tells Josie and Nate that new HM will come in during Week 4. Scabby has come to the diary room. She says that she wants to leave. She says that she’s acting strangely, with all of the anger and tantrums. She doesn’t like being nominated every single week. She gained a friend in JJ. She hadn’t spoken to him before and he’s been lovely. She’s going to have a fag.

JJ and Scabby are at the carousel. JJ tells her that she shouldn’t leave. She says that she’s sick with her drama. He says that this is the wrong move. She will regret it. Josie, Corin, and Caoimhe arrive. Scabby leave. Josie says that JJ and Scabby are similar. Caoimhe says that JJ can have Scabby. The plan would have been to leave together. However, Caoimhe wouldn’t do this for Scabby. Scabby says that Caoimhe cares more about BB than she cares to admit to anyone.

Scabby goes from the carousel into the nest. She doesn’t talk to Caoimhe. After a minute, Caoimhe goes to see her. Scabby says that she’s requested to leave. Caoimhe says that she doesn’t want to be here either. Scabby says that she does want to be here.

Josie, JJ, and Moley are talking. JJ is talking about Ben. Josie tells him to stop always going on about things.

* * * * *

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