Big Brother UK S11E05 (Channel 4)

Last night, some of the girls spelled out ‘Twist’ in veggies in a fake mole prank.

This morning, Moley is told that tonight is the night. There will be a quiz and Moley will win it using an earpiece. He also has to keep a screwdriver with him at all times.

Steve snores quite loudly and the HM have trouble dealing with it. Sunshine is in the garden and discovers the veg spelling out ‘Twist’.

Corin and Nate are smoking. Fake Beyoncé, Caoimhe, and Ife discover the cut up fags. They were Fake Beyoncé’s. Shabby looks traumatized.

Caoimhe complains to JJ about Steve’s snoring and farting.

It’s time for a getting to know you quiz. The chest of temptation is giving Moley the answers. After 2, everyone is suspicious about the Moley. Shabby thinks that Moley has got an earpiece underneath his hood. Moley doesn’t look happy and gets a hug from Caoimhe. He gets the next one wrong. He starts to cry in the kitchen. Caoimhe goes with him. All of the others are suspicious. Nate is kind of defending him. Moley wins the quiz. They get a party. Mario chooses the theme of the party. The tree tells him to choose Hawaiian. He didn’t want to but does. Moley needs to choose a HM to stay behind. He picks JJ who volunteered.

Yvette is dressed up as a goth. She goes to the diary room and asks to be the mole instead of Moley. JJ is talking to Ben and Dave about Fake Beyoncé. He thinks that Fake Beyoncé is too full of herself. She wouldn’t give anyone a chance because she thinks that she is so much better. JJ says that he has stopped talking to Moley because he’s the main attraction of the show and they are trying to get attention.

The HM go to their Hawaiian-themed party. JJ has to cater it. He has to make Hawaiian pizzas. He has to core out some pineapples and he’s complaining a lot because he’s shit at cooking. He complains to BB.

Moley is called to the bathroom by the tree. He has to open a vent and destroy the pizzas. He comes out of the wardrobe. He runs to the kitchen. People are lining up at the bathroom. Moley trashes the place. He runs back and tells everyone that he had a big shit. JJ comes out of the diary room and finds the place trashed. He tells the HM.

Steve and Sunshine start interrogating Moley because he was in the bathroom for a long time. Ife whispers to Steve that if he gets away with it they might win a task. Yvette thinks that Moley went through the vent in the bathroom. Shabby pries open the vent. Steve is nice about it, but Yvette is all in Moley’s face. He tells her that he’s sick of her accusing him.

BB gathers all of the HM in the garden. They have to decide who the mole is. Most of the HM say that it’s Yvette. They are told if they correctly identify the mole the mole will be immediately evicted. Ife and Corin vote for Moley, everyone else votes for Yvette except for Fake Beyoncé who votes for Steve and Yvette votes for Ben. Moley steps forward after BB tells him to. He isn’t evicted and is no longer required to wear the mole hole.

Ben and Yvette are in the bedroom talking about the vote. Yvette says that she voted for Ben because she knew that Mario was the mole. A few HM come in and out to make Yvette feel better. She starts to cry like a little baby. She’s an attention seeker. Govan feels like he’s got to justify his vote.

Yvette continues to go on about in the garden. It’s supremely annoying. JJ and Moley are in the diary room. Moley has a crush on Ben.

Shabby, Govan, Ife, and JJ are in the living room. They are talking about the 1st eviction. Govan says that all of the conflict in the house has surrounded Yvette. She’s very manipulative and when she cries, everyone forgets the stuff that she has done that led up to this.

* * * * *

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