Big Brother UK S11E08 (Channel 4)

The nominated HM will compete for immunity. There is a twist. They will have to nominate someone else.

BB gathers all of the HM in the living room. Yvette, Dave, and Shabbs are nominated. All nominated HM have to go to the diary room. Shabbs is pissed as usual. The nominated HM have to dress up as mice. JJ thinks that the HM who wins will have to name a replacement nominee. He doesn’t know that he’s spot on. Dave goes first. He’s pretty quick and completes it in 90 seconds. Yvette can’t complete the course. She gives up. Shabbs takes over 3 minutes. Dave wins and he’s no longer nominated for eviction. He gets to nominate someone else. Corin, Shabbs, and Rachael tell him to nominate the person he gets on with least. Dave nominates Fake Beyoncé. She promptly starts to cry. Govan is angry. Whatever, they would have nominated him in a heartbeat. Everyone is consoling Rachael.

Shabbs is in the diary room and says that Dave is a game player. In his shoes, she would have chosen Ben. Mario is talking with Ben. Ben says that he would have been up if Shabbs would have won.

Govan says that BB is stirring up the pot. He says that he was shocked that Dave didn’t nominate him.

Ben has a conversation with Shabby and she gets offended because he said that he didn’t know what to do when she acted out, because of her background as an actress. Later, Caoimhe tells Ben to talk with Shabbs. Shabbs is really upset. Ben says that she misinterpreted what he said. Shabbs is starting to shout and swear at him. He leaves. She’s insane.

Later, they talk again. Shabbs continues to believe that she’s totally right. Other people pop in to disturb their conversation.

Dave discussed his noms with some of the HM. He is called to the diary room to be punished. He must read a speech prepared by BB speech writers. Some HM like Fake Beyoncé don’t understand what Dave is doing.

Fake Beyoncé comes to the diary room. She is upset that she’s been nominated. She also says that there is no one to cuddle and to flirt with. In the bedroom, JJ says that girls are funny. The more he dislikes her, the more she fancies him.

My face looks like it’s been ironed.

A few minutes later, JJ takes it up with Fake Beyoncé. He’s really adamant about her disparaging looks. She gives them to many people. She stares at him and gives him a look when he catches him looking at her because she thinks that he is dead hot and attractive. I don’t think that JJ is convinced. Fake Beyoncé puts on her glasses because she’s going to have a cry. Her butt is hanging out of her pants. I don’t know what kind of underwear she is wearing, but it’s nice.

* * * * *

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