Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E015 (Channel 4)

Instead of going out with a bang, this show is going out with a snore. It’s starting to get tedious to watch. I almost want to skip it.

Chantelle says that it’s going to be quite hard for her to be all alone once she leaves the house because she won’t be with Preston anymore. Ulrika tells Preston that it’s obvious that Chantelle still cares about him a lot. Preston says that they need to have a proper talk after BB to see where they stand. He doesn’t categorically say that he doesn’t want to be with her.

The HM say that Nikki is an original character. Michelle tells Ulrika that she feels like everyone doesn’t like her anymore. Ulrika nominated her yesterday. Michelle says that being nominated feels horrible. Speaking of duplicitous, Ulrika is a bit of a hypocrite.

Nick and Vanessa are talking about his school. He was in school with Prince Edward. He was 4 years above Nick.

The chest talks with Vic. Immediately, Brian notices that he is talking. The chest wants Vic to record the HM bitching about others. He goes around the HM. The HM don’t bitch much. He goes up to Preston and Feltzie and strikes out. Vic shows them the Dictaphone. He freaks out a bit and swears. He goes to see the chest. The fact that he had a meltdown is kind of funny.

Nikki says that she no longer has any ridiculous tantrums anymore. Feltzie says that she’s also dealing with her anorexia very well. Nikki had been on a mission to starve herself to death at the age of 8. Nikki says that the hardest time was coming out of hospital. She spent 11 years committed in a sanatorium. She felt out of touch when she came out. It’s hard to hear her talking about this. She starts to cry and Feltzie gives her a long hug. At least Nikki is a lot better.

The HM talk about sex tapes. Vic says that he’s got a bunch of sex tapes. The girls always want to tape him having sex. He kept them all.

I’ve come to terms that I’m not.
Preston talking about coolness

Vic has been called to the diary room. He’s got to strip and dress up as the tree. This is just the start of his punishment. He must sample 9 foul dishes from all over the world. If he correctly IDs 3 of them, he wins a party for the house.

He starts out with fermented herring. He gets this one right. It’s from Sweden. Stinky tofu is next. He IDs it correctly. It’s from China. Next, it’s cow urine from India. He gets it wrong. 1,000 year old egg is from China.

Civet coffee, chicken feet, andouillette, durian fruit are next. Durian and bitter melon are from Malaysia and he gets it right, as well as andouillette. He got 6 right out of 9, which is pretty impressive. The HM are free to sample the food.

Later, Vic is gargling.

Chantelle tells Preston that if he’s not doing anything on the weekend, he should come over to see the dogs at her mom’s.

Nick talks about his time in the BBUK house ten years ago. He said that it was a gameshow and that he tried to win it. He says that it was blatant lie and it was wrong to say. Nick says that if he had the opportunity, he wouldn’t do that again. He never thought that he would win BB. He used to be selfish. That was nice.

BB has provided the HM with alcohol and a game of spin the bottle. Vic says that Nick should share a lingering kiss with Ulrika. Later, Ulrika gets Nick again and she kisses him again. Michelle has to do a slow dance with Preston. Chantelle doesn’t like it. Vic kisses Ulrika. That kiss lasted a long time.

I’m a little less bored than earlier.

Preston French kisses his watch. Feltzie kisses Vic. Michelle gives Chanelle a peck.

Nick tells Nikki that he would have liked to kiss her because she’s like a little sister. Nikki liked this comment. He gives her a hug. Vic takes off his costume after 6 hours. He’s annoyed. He comes to the diary room and whinges a bit.

* * * * *

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