Big Brother Final UK S11E77 (Channel 4)

Josie is annoying Dave in the bedroom. Dave lays down the ground rules for dating his daughter to Andy. Dave is an idiot. Josie tells Moley that she’s shy in bed. She’s no randy mare.

BB locks the HM in the bedroom. They decide to construct a fort. Some of the HM switch off their microphones. The HM are provided with some nibbles. Fat Josie is getting annoying. She keeps saying that JJ is a really fit/hot guy. However, she adds about 20 extra reallys, which annoys me extremely. I hope JJ is pulling a bunch of hot models. Then again, JJ was asexual at times.

Final Night

Davina talks to some of the ex-HM. Caoimhe and Shabbs get booed. Govan also gets booed. Pepper gets cheered.

Davina reveals that Andy finished in 5th place. I’m somewhat surprised. JJ² finishes 4th. That’s not surprising. Moley finishes 3rd. Dave finishes 2nd. Josie wins BB.

20 minutes later, she’s back in the house for Ultimate BB.

* * * * *

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