Big Brother S11E13 (Channel 4)

Shabbs is still very moody over what happened. She’s talking it over with Josie. Shabbs feels like shit because of Ife. She was forced.

Govan comes to the diary room. He says that he wants to go home. He’s exhausted and can’t get any sleep. He is worried about how he appears to the black community. BB suggests that he talks with one of the HM. He says that he’ll talk it over with Corin, then he goes to talk with Ife.

Shabbs asks Caoimhe about her boyfriend Dave. She says that he’s a hunk. Caoimhe says that no one has ever told her what Shabbs did before. This is about when Shabbs was forced to tell Caoimhe that she fancied her. They have a few awkward moments.

Later, they talk in the bathroom. Ben, Dave, JJ, Moley, and Yvette talk about the groups that have formed in the house. Ben calls Shabbs gang the Adams Family. Meanwhile, Shabbs is singing the Adams Family song in the bathroom.

Govan talks with Corin. He says that he’s been obsessing about what the black community thinks about him. He says that people from the West Indian community might think that he’s gay when he isn’t. Corin says that she also had trouble when she started seeing her girlfriend Rachel. She says that he needs to be strong. Nothing will change over time. She tells him to make the most of it and gives him a big hug. Corin is a really nice girl.

A bit later, almost all of the HM are in bed. Josie is teasing JJ and he isn’t taking it will. He is getting riled up. Caoimhe thinks that JJ is a freak. He’s a right bastard. He’ll get nominated this week. Josie isn’t impressed. It doesn’t make JJ look good.

Later, the HM are talking about JJ at the carousel. Josie thinks that JJ is an idiot.

JJ, Ben, and Yvette are talking about Josie. Actually, JJ is whingeing about Josie. He’s quite aggro about it. She walks by and JJ starts shouting at her. Josie doesn’t give a shit. She walks off. He walks after her and continues to shout. She continues to walk away, and she goes after him.

JJ comes to the diary room to complain about Josie. She’s really pissed off. He’s so arrogant. He tells BB that he wants to leave. Meanwhile, Josie, Govan, and Nate are at the carousel. This all started because of JJ’s bad breath. Josie says that he should brush his teeth.

JJ is packing up his stuff. He’s got a ‘poor-me’ persona. She tells him that she won’t stand for it when he’s being a little bitch. He starts to cry like a little baby. Oochie-poo! Josie tells him to stop being stupid. She feels guilty. She tells him that she doesn’t want to deal with him when he’s like that. He says that if she hadn’t sorted it out, he would have left.

Shabbs tells Josie that she’s really horny. She could have rubbed one out. Govan says that he doesn’t want to leave anymore.

Ben tells Moley that he’ll be nominated this week. Shabby and her gang will nominate him, as well as Govan. Ben says that Govan shit-stirs and he’s also a big stupid. He’s tricky.

BB has provide HM with nibbles and some music. Yvette looks like a total twit because Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is playing.

JJ is on Ben’s case about taking some sausage rolls before everyone else. Ben doesn’t care. He says that the rules of dinner protocol apply to eating nibbles. JJ is just telling him to be aware of this. Ben tells JJ that Shabbs had a big smirky smile when he was having a blow-up with Josie.

Dave, Ben, JJ, Moley, Yvette, Steve, Govan, and Josie are in the living room. Shabbs threw her Coke on the floor, or something like that. Actually, Josie and Govan are just floating around.

I wish someone would put their twins out.

JJ goes to shout at Josie some more. Josie and Govan were talking in the bathroom about the whispering going on in the living room. JJ is such a child. He tells them what Ben told him about seeing Shabbs’ disparaging looks. Govan is really pissed off. Govan says that JJ was vulnerable and Ben was just trying to exploit the situation. He stirs up some more shit by telling Shabbs, who’s going to blow up pretty soon.

Shabbs goes to the living room with a mission. Shabbs comes to the bathroom. Josie tells her that it’s just Ben. She apparently rubbed her hands when JJ was on his way out.

Ben says that they will be slagging him off now. Steve is going to snoop a bit. Moley also wants to get involved as well. Ben wants to go to bed with Dave. Caoimhe arrives right before Shabbs. She tells him that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. She tells him to stop acting like a bellend. Ben starts to tear up slightly.

Yvette and Corin are sleeping. Most of the HM are in the living room. Moley asks Shabbs to talk with Ben. Shabbs isn’t interested. She isn’t interested in resolving anything. Shabbs is shouting a lot and she says that she doesn’t give a shit about him. She doesn’t like him. Caoimhe takes over from Shabbs.

Shabbs and Caoimhe are talking about Ben. They say that they have lost respect for Moley because he’s thinking with his cock. Meanwhile, Moley is trying to make Ben feel better. This is all happening on the eve of the noms.

* * * * *

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