Big Brother UK S11E37 (Channel 4)

The HM are woken by music. Annoying Keeley and Rachelle start dancing like madwomen. It’s funny how HM try to sing the lyrics when they don’t know the lyrics.

Corin finds a door named Über-Cougar Lair. Corin has got no idea what a cougar is. Neither does Rachel. Andrew has to explain.

Josie is worried about her weight and figure. Dave talks to him, but she believes that she’s fat. She didn’t like his comments and whinges to Caoimhe. She says that she can’t stand him. JJ arrives. Caoimhe goes to the diary room. She shouldn’t have put Moley up. She should have put Dave up.

Ben tells Keeley that he doesn’t really use Facebook and stuff like that. Ben and Dave are talking in the nest. Josie comes to see him and tells him off. Dave apologizes. She says that her period has started.

BB has gathered the HM for today’s superhero shopping task. The boys are told to go to the Über-Cougar Lair. The HM see footage of the Über Cougar. She’s taken over the BBUK house. The women see this as well. The girls say that JJ looks proper fit.

The girls get to dress up as superheroes. They will each get the opportunity to save a male HM. For each HM they rescue, they get £100 toward the shopping budget.

The boys have been trapped for 4 hours. The girls are dressed up as superheroines. Corin has got one hour to get some pants out of an ice statue. Corin uses a shoe, a marker, and a brush. She’s got an hour. She takes pauses to reapply her makeup. She manages to get it out. She decides to free Ben.

I’ve never wanted somebody’s pants this much.

The new HM tell Josie that JJ fancies her. Meanwhile, Josie is sucking her thumb. They move to the nest. Keeley says that he wouldn’t cry in the diary room for someone he didn’t fancy.

Get your rudders in her cow bags!
Josie to Caoimhe

Ben is released. The Über-Cougar gives the girls their next challenge. It’s for Caomihe and Keeley. They need to unlock some doors and finds some pants. The do it pretty quickly. Caoimhe releases JJ. Keeley gets Moley. It’s funny that they leave Steve, the disabled dude inside prison.

The prisoners have been interned for 8 hours. Josie has trouble letting go of what the girls told her about JJ. She’s immediately awkward with JJ. Caoimhe tries to escape. A bit later, Josie, Caoimhe and Rachel are talking about how they can find concrete evidence that J fancies Josie. Josie is embarrassed. She says that a guy like that doesn’t fancy girls like her.

Josie is being really awkward with JJ. She goes to the diary room. She’s embarrassed enough for JJ to notice. Since they are so close, he notices after a while. She tells BB that she can’t be in the same room as him. JJ tries to find out what happens from Caoimhe. He thinks that Josie got a task from the tree.

I’m a sad randy mare.

Caoimhe talks with JJ. She tells him about the conversation about JJ that the girls had. Caoimhe asks him straight out if he likes Josie. He says that he didn’t look at her this way. She asks him if he would like to do something with her. JJ says that it would get embarrassing in here.

Caoimhe says that Josie finds him attractive, but won’t do anything about it in here.

It’s almost midnight and three of the boys are still stuck in the lair. Caoimhe tells Josie that JJ is a very fancy-able guy.

Josie manages to talk with JJ. He’s kind of annoyed at the girls for making Josie feel like this.

* * * * *

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