Big Brother UK S11E60 (Channel 4)

Corin is talking to Josie about cuddling with JJ². She is hard to understand, because of her limited vocabulary, but it’s apparent that JJ² doesn’t really fancy her. All of the UK thinks that Corin gave him a handjob. Now, JJ² isn’t that interested anymore.

Corin and Sam apologize to each other for last night’s tiff. JJ explains to Josie that most of Sam’s insults are childish banter. JJ says that he gets a bit carried away. Josie thinks that he’s quite clever and “madipulative”. Josie can’t say manipulative properly. Maybe if she got her thumb out of her mouth. She’s obviously got an oral fixation. JJ keeps putting on some guyliner. That’s pathetic.

Steve and Jo think that JJ is spoiled.

Scrooge has failed her part of the task. Josie tells JJ that she thinks that he’s going. Rachel is convinced she’s going. JJ tells Josie that everyone is pissing him off these days. He wouldn’t be surprised if he goes.

Josie is called in the diary room. She is getting punished for talking about nominations. She cannot nominate Sam next week.

Josie tells Jo that sometimes when is stroking her in bed, she’s about to explode. She’s sexually frustrated and thinks that she’s taking it all out on hating Sam Pepper.

I want a good rogering. The most he’s ever done is put his hand on my boob.

Josie, Sam, and JJ are talking. Josie tells Sam that JJ likes her in a sexual way. Sam asks JJ if he wants to poke her. Sam has spoken of the outside world so he’ll be punished tomorrow.

BB gathers the HM to show them Moley performing his trick.

Josie tells JJ that Sam told them before that JJ was the favourite. JJ says that he’s very real. Josie says that he is very clever. Rachel is evicted to a chorus of boos.

BB gathers the HM to reveal the results of this week’s task. Dave failed his challenge, Steve and Moley passed. Fagan’s gang passed their part of the task. Corin was left with 44 coins. Some HM, including Dave, Josie×2, and Sam took showers and prepared food without getting coins, Corin failed her part of the task. They won £150 toward the shopping budget. Since Josie and JJ² stole 5 items for the chest, they doubled this total to £300.

Josie is in the diary room. She wants to screw JJ.

At 2:08AM, Josie tells JJ that he’s so fit. They tussle in bed and she mounts him. She’s pretty fat, so JJ can’t put her off him. She ends up kneeing him in the bollocks. She goes for a smoke. He follows her. Josie is ashamed of herself.

JJ asks her if she wants to have sex. Josie picks her nose. She’s portraying herself as a “randy mare”. JJ can’t read her.

* * * * *

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