Big Brother UK S11E43 (Channel 4)

So Caoimhe leaves the BBUK house and we get replacement nominees in Keeley and JJ.

Caoimhe gets up and she’s still not feeling good. Keeley apologizes for bitching at her last night. The HM have accepted that Caoimhe is leaving. Keeley is called to the diary room. As punishment, her noms have become null and void.

This means that both Keeley, Corin, and Rachel are nominated this week.

45 minutes ago, Caoimhe came to the diary room to confirm that she wanted to leave. She’s packing up her stuff. She’s called to the diary room. The HM tell her goodbye but Josie is absent. She leaves the BBUK house.

JJ tells Josie that Caoimhe just left. She doesn’t care. He goes for a cry in the nest. Josie comes to find him later. Josie says that Caoimhe was a bitch. She realized that she was a bitch recently. JJ says that he always thought that she was a bitch, just like everyone else. Rachel arrives and they have a laugh about Ben and Dave’s bum.

Moley is shaving Ben’s chest. That’s disgusting. Why doesn’t he just shave his privates?

Andrew is receiving his exam results today. BB gathers the HM in the living room. The HM are told that Keeley, Corin, and Rachel are nominated this week. Corin thinks that if she doesn’t win the Save & Replace task, she’s a goner.

Nominated HM have been given spider costumes for this week’s Save & Replace task. Rachel and Keeley talk about who they would put up if they win. Keeley says that it has to be JJ. Rachel starts to cry. The spiders will try to scamper out of a bathtub. It’s like a half-pipe for skateboards. Keeley sprains her ankle. Rachel stops. Corin keeps going. Corin manages to almost get up. Her thong is showing. Dave asks her to pull up her pants. The task is paused. BB calls Keeley to the diary room. The HM carry her over. JJ stays with her. Meanwhile, Ben is eating some cake. What a wanker. Rachel is crying like a toddler. Corin doesn’t understand this. Rachel is acting like a 5-year old. BB tells Keeley to go to the bedroom and rest with her leg up.

Ben was supposed to make dinner, but says that no one will want to eat anything with Keeley like this. After seeing the doctor, Keeley is waiting to go to hospital.

Ben is being a total wanker when JJ tells him that he was just lying there with cucumbers on his eyes. Ben says that it’s better than being sympathetic to someone who you revile. Rachel asks what revile means.

Josie and Dave say that Ben is being a total ass. Ben continues to argue with JJ in the kitchen. Moley tries to mediate. Moley physically takes JJ away from Ben. JJ doesn’t want to leave. Ben doesn’t like the light being shone on his faults. Dave carries Keeley away. JJ is there to help out. Ben is a total bitch. He’s self-centered, self-involved, selfish and only cares about himself.

Moley tells Ben to go cooking. Keeley leaves the BBUK house. A man from the production team picks her up and leaves. JJ and Ben apologize to each other and hug it out. Andy felt upset about this parents arguing.

Andy tells Ben that he handled it wrong. He shouldn’t have expressed this at that time. Andy isn’t backing down. Ben doesn’t like explaining himself.

Andy comes to the diary room. He says that he’s stressed. There have been a lot of arguments. BB is told that he almost got a 1st in his first year at college.

Meanwhile, Ben starts whinging about Andy to JJ and Dave. Ben is a total wanker. I wish he was evicted.

All Corin can say is what a day what a day what a day over and over again while drinking some wine.

Ben says that all of the HM are roomies, nothing else.

Josie and JJ have been talking in the bedroom for 3 hours. Josie tells him that she’s got feelings for him. JJ asks what kind of feelings. He wants to know. Josie basically says that she loves him, but JJ has trouble understanding what she means. JJ still isn’t sure that it is real in here. She says that she loves being around him.

At 5:33AM, JJ comes to the diary room. He couldn’t sleep. He says that he isn’t attracted to her. He didn’t look at her like that. He wonders if he’s been leading her on or if it’s perceived that he’s been doing this. He says that his solution would be to leave the BBUK house. BB says that he should talk to Josie and get some sleep. He says that he’ll bite the bullet and suss out the situation.

* * * * *

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