Big Brother UK S11E21 (Channel 4)

It’s another round of nominations. Yvette, Ben, Scabby, and Dave will probably get nominated.

Nate and Ife are whingeing about Scabby. She doesn’t do any cleaning up. They also whinge about Yvette. Yvette has got a mirror obsession and always goes for the cameras. She’s an attention-seeker.

Ben is shaving his chest. Moley is helping him out. That’s so gay.

Yvette is still going on about her fake name Sunshine. Yvette isn’t very professional for a doctor. She counters that as a prospective doctor, she is judged on her professional attitude on the wards, her internships, and her exams, not on her whimsical attitude.

Nate is thinking about going into porn. I think that he’s just taking a piss.

Ife and Josie are talking about JJ. He’s been looking at Josie and Ife caught him looking. Ife says that he says I love you to everyone. Josie says that she fancies him in a football kit. Josie is very self-deprecating. She doesn’t think that she’s in the same league as JJ, physically.


Ben                        Nate                      Scabby                  “She’s a divisive figure.”
Caomihe              Dave                      Yvette                   “He’s a bit of a lick arse.”
Corin                     JJ                             Moley                   “He should control his temper.”
Dave                      Caoimhe              Scabby                  “Her mood swings are difficult.”
Ife                          Dave                      Yvette                   “The potato crisp incident.”
JJ                             Dave                      Ben                        “He nominated Yvette.”
Josie                      Dave                      Yvette                   “Yvette is tighter than a duck’s ass.”
Moley                   Corin                     Scabby                  “She’s mercurial.”
Nate                      Dave                      Yvette                   “She irritates the shit out of me.”
Scabby                  Dave                      Yvette                   “She’s greedy, selfish, and tight fisted.”
Steve                    Caoimhe              Scabby                  “She gives up in tasks.”
Yvette                   Caoimhe              Scabby                  “The crisps.”

So Dave, Scabby, and Yvette are nominated. The crisp incident definitely got on everybody’s nerves.

Corin wants to go topless and asks Yvette to do so as well. She peeks at her boobies and says that she’s embarrassed.

I’m spiritual in a non-religious way.

Just by talking, Moley implies that he believes in a “divine essence”. He’s talking about souls. This means that he’s religious. Ben isn’t listening. He calls Josie to him. Moley is pissed off.

Scabby tells Caoimhe that she’s into this game more than she wants to admit. She’s been avoiding confrontation. She’s been avoiding Yvette. Caoimhe is extremely annoyed about Yvette. Scabby says that she’s spiteful to Yvette.

I think she’s totally immature, the things she said were disgusting to me. Her morals are different to mine. She is completely spoiled. Spoiled in here even so she’s used to being spoiled in her real life. She pissed me off. Even like sharing things, she’s always like “Ummf, fine, go ahead…” and that pisses me off.

I really like Caoimhe. She doesn’t take shit from Yvette. Scabby is looking all love-dovey at Caoimhe. Caoimhe doesn’t like Yvette’s sense of entitlement.

For today’s task, the HM have to drink a complete yard of BB’s alcoholic beverages. For each complete beverage that is drunk, Nate gets a step closer to the dart board. Each point scored wins the HM one drink for this evening.

Moley chugs some non-alcoholic beer. He’s got no problem. Dave gets a Grande Capuccino. It’s got marmite in it with coffee. Scabby gets non-alcoholic beer and does a big burp. Ife gets the same. Josie gets fin and tonic. She fails. Yvette gets ketchup and water. She chugs it. JJ gets fire water, that has chilli sauce, wasabi and water. He chugs it.

Wow, that’s burning.

Ben gets non-alcoholic beer and chugs it. Caoimhe gets the same and has no problems. Corin gets the same and chugs it. Nate scores 16.

Josie and JJ are playing in the garden. Josie is squealing. Yvette is jealous. Nate tells this to Corin. Caoimhe and Scabby sing a song for Josie about JJ.

Yvette tells Steve that she will be nominated this week.

Josie talks with JJ, Ben, and Moley. After a while, Ben and Moley go to have a golden shower. JJ tells Josie that he doesn’t trust Ben. Scabby and Caoimhe are there. Caoimhe doesn’t think that Ben is playing a game. JJ says that he doesn’t like the kissing. He double kisses everyone. Caoimhe and Josie don’t like it either.

Moley, JJ, Ben, Corin, and Dave are talking with Steve about his disability. It’s good TV.

Ife, Caoimhe, and Scabby are in the bedroom. Dave is reading his Bible in the living room. JJ is taking a piss out of him. It makes Dave laugh pretty hard. Dave tells JJ that if he’s nominated tomorrow he’s going to nominate JJ.

JJ comes out to Scabby and Caoimhe what just happened. JJ thinks that Dave is a prick. The others agree. They start whingeing about Dave. JJ goes back inside. He’s not happy with Dave. Dave tells him that he wants him to have bad dreams and the Lord will do so. JJ goes to see BB.

It’s 1:09AM. Caoimhe and Scabby are in the kitchen. Scabby tells her what Dave said to JJ. Caoimhe doesn’t believe her. Caoimhe says that Dave has got serious issues.

Moley is in the diary room. He says that JJ is suspicious of Dave. He doesn’t want this to happen. He thinks that JJ will confront Dave. JJ is too immature to just drop it. Other HM will chime in as well.

JJ is talking to Steve and Josie about Dave.

* * * * *

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