Big Brother UK S11E32 (Channel 4)

Corin tells Ben that he’s very sneaky. He’ll take fake tan and stuff that’s been lying around without telling anyone, but the guilt would make him tell in the end. Also, it’s either his way or the highway. Josie and Caoimhe ask JJ if he’s bi-curious. He isn’t.

Moley tells Nate that something is up tonight. Ben tells BB that if Nate goes, it will make a practical difference. If JJ goes, Josie will be sad but he causes a lot of rows.

Most of the HM are expecting new HM tonight.

JJ tells Josie to stop singing badly. JJ teases Corin by using some of her speech patterns. Caoimhe joins in. Corin comes to see JJ. She tells him to argue with himself. She goes to the diary room. Corin tells him that he’s a jumped up dickhead. JJ talks about her bolt-ons. He’s got the personality of an angry f*cking fish. Corin is still going on about him 31 minutes later. JJ is hearing what she is saying and reports to the HM. Some of the HM are in the lounge and can hear Corin venting. It’s true that he was pushing her buttons.

A bit later, Corin is venting to Ife. JJ hears them talking and butts in. Corin tells him to get lost. Corin says that he’s a dickhead and a game player.

Later that night, Nate is evicted. JJ thought that he was going. The HM think that he’s getting cheers, but he mostly got boos upon his exit. JJ tells Corin that he’s sorry. That was nice.

Corin is crying in the bathroom with Ife. She says that this will be a shithouse now. Josie is moping and sucking her thumb in the bathroom. The HM see the spaceship land. 3 HM step out in astronaut suits.

22 minutes later, Andrew, Keeley, and Rachel have settled, but they are still wearing their suits. Andrew studies mathematics at Oxford. Rachel is pretty dumb.

Keeley, Ben, and Dave are talking. JJ says that technically he’s British because both of his parents are Brits. He’s got a British passport. Keeley says that Ben needs a trim.

Some of the HM are in the closet talking about Keeley. They don’t like how bossy she is. Ben didn’t like her comment. Dave didn’t like her comment about how he makes money from his ministry. Ben makes fun of Andrew. JJ and Ben hug a lot and say that they will never argue again. It’s kind of funny.

Most of the HM are in the nest talking about the new arrivals. Ben says that Keeley is going to cause real trouble. The 1st thing she said was that the house looked like a dump and needs to be cleaned. They call her Cruella. This makes Caoimhe and Josie laugh.

Josie and Caoimhe like Andrew. He’s lovely and didn’t tell them off in the 1st five minutes.

Rachel and Keeley are talking about the HM. Keeley has seen the loving that’s been spreading in the house. Keeley thinks that the HM are talking about her. That’s true because she insulted the house in the 1st 5 minutes. Rachel likes Caoimhe.

Ife tells Keeley how they recycle fags. Keeley looks appalled. Ife whinges to Corin.

* * * * *

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