Big Brother UK S11E12 (Channel 4)

Fake Beyoncé was evicted but left a little gift for Corin.

BB is waking the house up with Corin’s favourite song. Yvette wasn’t sleeping. She springs up and looks to sing in front of the camera. It’s quite pathetic really. The boys just watch the girls going at it. Corin goes to bed with make-up. A lot of make-up.

BB calls Corin to the diary room. She gets a full English breakie. BB recites some Shakespeare. Ben, Steve, and Dave are in the kitchen. Dave is surmising what happened with Corin. It’s either the crowd or Fake Beyoncé.

Dave is reading from his Bible. Corin is yawning. Dave says that 4 years ago, he stopped doing his job and devoted himself to prayer. He had to remortgage his house. Nate, Shabbs, Ife, and Josie are in the kitchen. Josie says that she is a serial flirter, even the women.

The HM take part in a challenge vs the BBLB viewing public. Corin goes for the BB. BBLB is represented by Andy. They have to blow out a candle from as far as possible. She’s got one hour to practice. Govan looks depressed. Later, Corin participates in You VS The HM. Corin tries 1m20 first. She gets it but the candle lights up again. She doesn’t get it the 2nd time so she moves it back to 1m15. She gets it. She beat Andy, who only managed 1m.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Shabbs is tucking in Caoimhe. BB has called Corin to the diary room. She is going to get pampered. She is getting a massage and a manicure. Govan is in the nest.

Ben tells Josie what he does. He gets hired by different media outlets to cover some events and parties.

JJ’s dad died in a work accident. He was a rigger. It was 2 years ago.

Shabbs tells Josie that she’s avoiding Caoimhe because she fancies her. Caoimhe arrives promptly. Ben, Yvette and Govan are in the bedroom. Shabbs goes to see BB. She says that she fancies Caoimhe and she’s avoiding her. Caoimhe said that if she had been single, she would have snogged Shabbs.

I’m a terrible beastly horn-dog.

Corin and Shabbs are talking about Caoimhe. Corin tells her that she should tell Caoimhe. Corin is giving Shabbs some good advice.

Shabbs, Ife, and Caoimhe sing some songs while smoking a fag. Corin gets her suitcase basck. Inside, there are some presents from BB. They get some songs.

Corin got some PJs from BB. Caoimhe is in the diary room talking about the friends she made here. Meanwhile, Shabbs is asking Ife advice about her fancying Caoimhe. Ife tells her to tell Caoimhe.

Later, Ife tries to make Shabbs tell Caoimhe but she doesn’t want to. Now, Caoimhe is all intrigued. Shabbs is hiding out in the nest. Ife is talking to her. Caoimhe arrives. Shabbs doesn’t want to talk. She goes away. She goes to see BB instead. What a procrastinator! She’s mortified.

I feel like my heart just dropped out of my bum hole.

Later, Caoimhe and Shabbs are at the carousel. She finally tells her.

* * * * *

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