Big Brother UK S11E48 (Channel 4)

Andy was shouting a lot in the previews. I hate how lecherous Ben is. Anyone who is that touchy feely with me would get smacked. He’s like that with girls and boys. I think that it’s most disturbing with the boys, since he says that he isn’t gay, which is sometimes hard to believe. Moley tells Ben that he slimes all over Laura. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Moley says that he attached himself to Rachel all week, and ditched her for Laura. Rachel is apparently. Moley is growing a Mole-like mustache.

Ben tells Dave that he struggles with Rachel. Dave tells him that Rachel might be jealous because of Laura. Meanwhile, Rachel is talking to Josie. Ben is full of shit because he is doing the same spiel on Laura now. Rachel feels like shit. Rachel says that Ben’s accent threw her. Normally, she can spot knobs easily enough. Josie thinks that Ben is a womanizer. Rachel thought that Ben was gay.

Andy tells Ben and Dave that he feels unsettled with the new arrivals. Dave says that none of them have anything in common with JJ².

Josie tells Rachel that BB should send them and the two JJs on a double date.

Once again Steve is hugging and stroking Rachel in a disturbing manner.

The chest of temptation tells Andy that he has to be Jack Bauer for 24 minutes. He must do everything that the chest says. His first objective is to find Ben’s sunglasses. The chest tells Andy to bully Ben into giving him his sunglasses right now. Andy starts shouting. The other HM are laughing. He tells Dave that he has been using his toothbrush. He takes JJ’s hat. He now needs to salt someone’s drink. He needs to evacuate everyone to the bedroom. It’s funny. He shouts like a madman. The HM think that he’s gone totally bonkers. It’s hilarious. He’s really taking the task to heart.

Once he’s done that, he tells them all to get on the ground. He could be a drill sergeant. He tells them that there is another house.

Andy goes to the bathroom. He tells the tree that this felt amazing.

Dave is pissed at Ben for some reason. Rachel told Dave that Ben said that he would become closer to her than Dave. Rachel tells Ben that he wills say anything to get into girl’s knickers. Rachel says that she doesn’t like fake people. Ben is fake. She gives it to him. Ben thinks that Rachel is ignorant. Moley is happy that Rachel had a proper argument with Ben. She talks with Moley about this later.

Ben is sweating. He talks with Dave in the nest. Dave thinks that Rachel was chatting her up. Dave says that he has spent more time with Laura than he has with him. Ben says that he doesn’t understand what he’s done. He knows exactly what he has done wrong.

Rachel and Andy are talking about his behaviour during his secret task. Andy tells her that he just flipped. Rachel is pretty dumb. She says that he’s got two minds, so he’s got to be dead smart. She gives him a hug and says that she liked his other personality.

BB is called to the diary room. He gets some champers, chocolate, and strawberries. Three exotic dancers appear. They pet him and feed him food.

Jo accuses Ben as being as a player. She says that Ben wouldn’t be a good boyfriend. Ben readily agrees. He’d struggle being in one relationship at a time.

Andy comes out and goes to wash his face. He’s all flushed. Andy’s secret task ended over 6 hours ago. He asks Ben to do 10 good star jumps for him. Ben complies.

The male HM are cleaning up and doing the washing. Jo says that Andy looks very young, younger than 9.

Dave and Ben are in the nest talking about nominations. I don’t really understand why men would paint their nails. This seems like a common thing in the BBUK house. It’s gay. Dave breaks the rules about talking about the noms, he’ll be punished tomorrow.

I also don’t understand why JJ and JJ² are wearing the same clothes. It’s ridiculous. Tank tops, tuques, and gray sweatpants. I have 5-year old twin sisters who dress alike, but I’ve never seen grown people do this in real life.

JJ and JJ² are talking about Corin. Corin told JJ² that he was really fit. JJ says that he should feel flattered that someone this good-looking told him that. JJ² didn’t expect it after a few days. Josie and Corin talk about JJ and JJ² and going on a double date. Corin says that he’s got nothing to wear.

* * * * *

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