Big Brother UK S10E47 (Channel 4)

Dogface and Karly are talking about Noirin. Karly says that she is never happy and that she ignores her. They both think that Noirin is plotting behind her back and trying to get them nominated. Meanwhile, they are also nominating her.

Karly tells Halfwit that he is really funny and chilled out. She likes him like this. BB has called Lisa to the diary room. She doesn’t know why Noirin is no longer talking to her. She says that she can’t confront Noirin, or Marcus will get her. She says that if she goes, the house will go. She’s pretty full of herself.

BB has gathered all of the HM at the dining table. Charlie has been giving some instructions for the shopping task. They will take place in classic tasks from the past 9 BB series. They have to pass 7 tasks to get the shopping budget. Each of the HM have to do one task from one season. They have no idea what the tasks are but have to decide immediately.

Rodrigo tells Noirin that Charlie ignored him during the task attribution. Rodrigo complains to him. Rodrigo spoke up first and was placed last. Rodrigo says that he will ignore Charlie from now on.

Most of the HM are at the dining table. Halfwit is taking place in an obstacle course in the backyard. He will be competing against an old BB1 HM. He’s competing against Craig, the winner of BB1. Craig tells Halfwit that they have something in common. They both have been nominated the most. Craig is nice and doesn’t do it too fast because the HM need to eat. Halfwit loses his shoes and falls off the balance beam. Craig wins because Halfwit got some penalties.

It’s time for Lisa’s task. She will take part in the competitive sugar stacking task against a HM from BB2. She is competing against Dean.

Noirin asks Halfwit if he has ever felt lonely in the house. There was always someone who kept him company. She says that she’s felt very lonely in the house this week. The people here are nothing like her friends. Halfwit says that when Lisa leaves, the house will mellow out. Noirin says that Lisa is intimidating. They are in the kitchen. Lisa’s tower falls over. Dean’s is doing pretty well. Dean knocks his own over so that Lisa can win.

BB has gathered all of the HM to reveal the results of this week’s noms. Dogface, Siavash, Karly, and Noirin will face the public vote. Some of the HM are surprised. Halfwit is happy that he isn’t nominated. This is the first week he isn’t nominated. Lisa thought that she would be nominated. Noirin was expecting to get nominated after what Siavash said.

Rodrigo must predict the outcome of an egg and spoon race that took place earlier today featuring BB3 HM. Rodrigo chooses Alex and he chooses the wrong one. In total, the HM have already incurred two fails in their shopping task. They are allowed 3. Rodrigo blames Charlie for this. Siavash, Noirin, and Marcus tell him that it was random.

Halfwit tells Sophie that it’s been Noirin and Karly. Sophie and Siavash aren’t in danger. Karly wants to do what she has done. He says that people might think that Karly is shit-stirring and Noirin fed Siavash to the wolves. He’s got no idea really.

Charlie, Siavash and Halfwit are in the bath. Charlie tells them that they are ignoring the group. Marcus and Noirin are next to the pool. Marcus wants to do a lot of things with her. Marcus wants cuddles, but Noirin refuses.

* * * * *

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