Big Brother UK S10E82-83 (Channel 4)

Bea complains about Halfwit and Marcus to Lisa, David and Charlie. Halfwit is talking with Marcus. He can’t believe that there was a time that he was happy that Bea was in the house. Meanwhile, Bea is still going on about things to her little group. She keeps calling Freddie a little maggot.

For his special prize, Marcus gets a DSLR and a pro flash to take some new publicity photos. He’s also received some fan mail. The other HM are very happy to see his stuff.

Halfwit is in the diary room. He says that he understands why Bea is acting this way. Her fear of being nominated outweighed her affections for him. That’s why she’s acting like this. He’d like her to make up with him, but he will never let her get this close again.

Marcus is sleeping by the pool. Siavash is sleeping in the sitting room.

Dogface, David and Bea decide to go through Halfwit’s stuff and get his tea. They hide it. They are just being mean and bullies. They put it in Lisa’s drawer.

Halfwit takes a nap in the sitting room. BB asks him about the tea that they stole from Halfwit. BB doesn’t let up. BB makes sure that he understands that it is very bad form to steal from another HM and hide it to make him feel bad. He says that he will put it right back. He knows that Freddie isn’t feeling well at the moment. He goes and does it. He doesn’t want to talk about it with Bea and Dogface. Bea starts swearing. They don’t get that they are going to be portrayed as bullies. Bea makes a big deal out of it. She’s a total bitch.

Lisa tells David to be careful. She tells him not to get involved. Stay away. It’s going to get ugly. Let Bea and Dogface do the deed, not get involved. That is smart advice. David isn’t smart enough to understand. She says that jokes and the like will just backfire.

For Charlie’s surprise, he gets 30 minutes of Girls Aloud. Siavash received a suitcase of his own clothes. Lisa received a huge amount of tobacco.

Dogface and Bea continue to make fun of Freddie. They are quite mean. The room is always silent when Halfwit walks past. He heard them talking since he was only in the toilet.

Halfwit has gone back to moaning and sighing while he is eating food. He makes the most disgusting sounds while eating. It’s like he can’t close his mouth while he eats, that’s very bad form. Bad manners.

Siavash shares some of his crisps with the other group.

Bea and David are at the Bus Stop talking about Halfwit. David says that hiding his tea wasn’t cool. Bea says that it isn’t his tea and that it was her idea to keep it. It’s funny how everything is always about her. For once, David makes a lot of sense. He asks Bea how she would feel if she would have been nominated 7 times.

Marcus is replying to his fan mail. As soon as Freddie joins Lisa, David and Bea at the Bus Stop, Lisa and David leave. Bea asks Halfwit how he picks up people. Halfwit replies that he talks about salad. Bea doesn’t think much of it. She told David earlier that Freddie doesn’t have good social skills. Freddie says that picking up guys is easy, but girls are harder.

The HM are playing with the space hopper in the living room. Lisa and Bea say that the ball will be taken away. Bea comes to say something. Halfwit dismisses her. She goes back into the bedroom to complain to David and Lisa. David says that Freddie is actually trying. Lisa and David are trying to change subject. Bea says that she wants to lob the ball at Freddie’s head. Lisa is going to roll a cigarette.

They are playing quite rough in the garden. Freddie barges into the bedroom and Bea insults him while he changes. He jumps into the pool.

Later, Bea wants Lisa to tell her who she thinks will leave. Lisa says that they both aggravate her. She seeks reassurance from Lisa, but Lisa isn’t giving it.

Lisa and Marcus are talking in the garden. He wants to go. Lisa says that there is another side to him. It’s because of his background and his life. They hug.

Eviction Night S10E83

Davina is joined by Judy James and John McCrewitt. She tells the audience that Halfwit received his present from BB. He’s now Freddie again, not Halfwit. Freddie is evicted. That wasn’t a surprise. With the way that he has been acting it was obvious.

He gets a good reception by the crowd. There are some boos, but there are a lot more cheers. For some reason, he’s wearing purple cat makeup. He says that it’s a fox not a cat.

Marcus became softer and Halfwit became more vocal within the last week. John says that the public voted for him to get him out of the situation. We see his rollercoaster ride with Bea. It looks like the public hate her. Davina says that Bea egged him on. He fancied her but she didn’t reciprocate. John says that Bea was doing the same thing that Noirin did to him.

Judy tells Freddie that he isn’t good at reading people. He also has trouble bonding with people and he can’t read body language. Bea’s bitching just chipped away at him and he broke down. He was also shit at ingratiating himself to others.

He is shown footage of Freddie standing up to Noirin. HM thought that he could be trusted. From that moment on, he was a father figure. Then he became really annoying to the HM he didn’t like. He also started attacking the HM. This confirmed the HM’s first fears. It was passive aggressive.

Judy says that any ganging up with Bea is a mistake.

Bea and Lisa have satisfied smiles on their faces.

* * * * *

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