Big Brother UK S10E85 (Channel 4)

Roddy and Charlie had another argument. He’s in the bath. Charlie and Bea are talking about him. David talks with Roddy. He tries to tell him that he shouldn’t react the way he did. Throwing water on someone is serious. He got it all over the place.

Calling him a clown is offensive to clowns. He makes me cry, he doesn’t make me laugh, so he isn’t a clown.
Roddy on Charlie

Roddy says that he will react when he is provoked, or words to that effect. Bea tries to explain how to act, but he’s not really listening. Charlie walks in. Roddy tells him to leave. Charlie says he’s not a child. He leaves in a huff. He tells Bea that Roddy hurt him. It’s BS, more drama.

Lisa and David’s conversation veers onto Bea. They say that she is a spoilt brat. Bea asks to move beds next to Siavash.

Sophie and Roddy are talking about tuna and dolphins. Charlie is in the bath. Most of the HM are talking about messages from home that they will be getting. Bea is in the diary room. She has to choose a letter. The HM that says the most words that begin with the said letter wins a reward. She gets W. She gets 16 words in a minute. She cannot discuss this with anyone. She takes the opportunity to complain about the fact that she got W. What a conceited bitch.

I wouldn’t want to get a reward because of a technicality.

Charlie got 8 and Dave got 6. Lisa got 18. Marcus is next. He gets B and scores 18 words. Roddy is called to the diary room. He draws the letter Q. BB gives him a hint. He only gets 2. BB gives him a chance to say it in Portuguese. He also gets 2. It’s Siavash’s turn. He gets the letter S and 19 words. He’s disappointed. I can already hear Bea moaning because she got the letter W. Sophie goes next. She got 13 words. Siavash won. He will receive a hamper of S filled goodies.

Bea is talking about changing beds. She wants to use Charlie’s bed, but she says that he won’t. Marcus pipes in and says that Bea is the problem. She asks Charlie and he says no. It’s all about Bea. Marcus calls Bea a moaning mingebag.

Siavash is winging to Lisa and David because of the lack of sleep. People keep waking him up in the night.

Bea is still going on about the beds. Charlie tells Bea that out of all of the people in the house, he could imagine that Siavash would be the last person who would want to sleep next to her. Roddy walks part and tells Siavash, David, and Lisa. Roddy says that Bea is behaving like a 12-year old.

Siavash receives his hamper. They get some sorbet. Bea and Charlie are in the bedroom. She’s moving beds. She tells Charlie that Siavash wasn’t making her welcome. Bea says that Siavash will obviously nominate her. She feels upset. Boohoo, I’m sad for the horrible bitch!

Bea continues on about the bed situation to Lisa. Lisa says that she’s being oversensitive. Bea looks at Siavash. Lisa says that it was nice of Siavash to share his hamper.

Marcus is in the diary room complaining about the house. The other HM are in the bedroom. Naturally, Bea has to make a big deal about her new bed. She plays with Charlie and things get out of hand. He spat water in her face. She complains and moans. She tells him that he took things too far and warns him to never ever ever do something like that again. What a ghastly character.

* * * * *

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