Survivor Samoa Hungry for a Win S19E04 (CBS)

Ben was evicted. Jaison wanted him out. Russell didn’t have a choice after the confrontation that happened between Jaison and Ben at tribal council. Jaison wants to leave.

Shambo doesn’t like her tribe. She wants to leave it. Erik tells Shambo that the clue for the immunity idol must be at their camp as well. John interrupts them and pumps Shambo for info about the clues.

The tribes receive tree mail. The leader Mick is to bring two tribemembers with him to a task. He takes Russell and Nat. Russell took Shambo and David. They meet at a spot. The reward is chickens. The reward is on. Dave reads the instructions. The object to the challenge is to throw some balls near a flag. After two tribe members each, Foa Foa is in the lead. Dave makes a killer throw and wins the chickens.

Back at Galu, Erik is trying to find the idol while John has a nap. Yasmin is also napping. Erik scurrying around wakes John up, but not before he finds the idol. Russell and Dave come back with the chickens. Shannon is doing her best impression of a chicken whisperer.

Russell says that he might need to take someone stupid with him to the final two. He needs to take Nat. He needs her to ride his coattails.

While Shambo is trying to take care of the chickens, she lets one escape. Erik wants to kill it. He gets clotheslined by the clothesline. It shambles up a tree. The tribe blames her for being an idiot.

At Galu, Yas is trying to take a nap. Kelly is sick of Yas. She is lazy.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. For today’s challenge, they will race across a net run. They must stack blocks. They will race across a rope bridge to another place to stack even more blocks. The challenge is on and the tribes are dead even. Galu finishes first. Foa Foa is a few seconds behind. After the rope bridge, Galu is well ahead. Monica slows Galu down. Nat makes up a lot of time. The teams are even again. Russell is really fast. The tribes are almost even after the rope bridge. Galu is almost finished. This stack is higher. Kelly is on people’s shoulders. Foa Foa wins their first immunity challenge. I guess that Yas is going to go home. It promptly start to rain. Russell thinks that Monica choked. He tells Erik. Dave tells Laura and John that Shambo has lost a chicken. Monica joins and they all agree that Yas needs to go. People are rallying behind Monica. John doesn’t want to mess with Russell. Erik tells Russell. He is pissed.

It’s time for tribal. It’s Galu’s 1st. Brett says that Yas doesn’t do anything at camp. Yas is on the defensive and she is wearing heels. Russell says that the challenges are the most important. Yas says that Monica wasn’t strong in the challenge. When Monica speaks, Dave, Erik and Shambo shake their heads. It’s going to be an interesting vote. Yas is evicted out by a 6-2 vote.

* * * * *

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