Survivor Samoa Two Brains Are Better Than One S19E14 (CBS)

Brett is giving Shambo a head massage after tribal. Russ tells Jaison that Brett needs to go home. The next day, Brett is spouting Bible nonsense to Nat. Nat likes it. Shambo tells Russ that she needs a haircut.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. They will split up in teams of 3 and try to pull some ropes. The goal is to drop as few coconuts as possible. Up for grabs is a night away from camp in a village. They will get a feast. Russ and Nat are team captains. Nat chooses Brett and Mick. Russ has got a big smile. He gets Jaison and Shambo. Nat and Brett start to pray. Russ notices it and he doesn’t like it. He whispers to Shambo. Russ is at 11 and Nat is at 3. After the next round, it’s 29-23. Jaison drops about 48. Nat drops 58 for purple. It’s 77-81. Purple loses because of Brett. Russ, Jaison and Shambo go for reward. Jaison is worried about Nat. Divisions are appearing in their usual steadfast alliance.

Russ, Jaison, and Shambo have some great food. They talk about Nat. Russ thinks that Nat is just playing a game by getting closer to Brett and Mick. At the same time, Russ is planting seeds of doubt in their minds. Russ wants to get rid of Brett or Mick. Back at camp, Brett tries to build some bridges with Mick. He wants to have fun and create a reward for themselves. Nat is wavering.

At camp, Russ talks with Nat. He makes it seem like the others were worried about her, not him. Nat says that she planned on choosing Brett.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to count things and use the clues to open a combination lock. Nat and Shambo are going slow. Russ, Mick and Jaison are quicker. Mick and Jaison start working on their combinations. Russ also starts. Jaison has got the wrong combination. Russ is wrong as well. Mick is wrong. Brett wins immunity again. There was a balance between going too fast and going too slow. The danger of miscounting was frustrating. Jaison wants to get rid of Shambo tonight, not Mick. They need Mick to win against Brett. He tells Shambo that the plan is to get rid of Mick. Shambo is getting nervous because she saw Jaison bolt away when she arrived. Shambo keeps going on about it. Russ talks to Mick about Shambo. He tells Mick that the plan is to get rid of Shambo. Mick is a bit skeptical. Tonight is the last night that Russ can play the immunity idol.

It’s time for tribal. They all say that the target is on Brett. By a 5-1 vote, Shambo is voted out.

* * * * *

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