Survivor Samoa This Is the Man Test S19E06 (CBS)

Ash went home. Liz needs a miracle in order to survive. Foa Foa is freezing because of the soaking rain. Russell thinks that he can warm up in the ocean. Jaison comes along. It’s actually not a bad idea. Jaison says that this is the man test. Russell doesn’t really care. He’s got the heart to get through adversity. Some of the other players aren’t as strong.

Shambo is a train wreck. I wonder how she’s lasted this long. It’s probably because she’s been on the winning tribe. At Galu, Russell is trying to fish in the storm. Galu wants a tarp. They blame Russell for choosing comfort over survival at a reward a few days ago. Russell is working in the rain. Brett thinks that it’s futile. Kelly thinks that Russell is being stubborn and pushing himself too hard.

At Foa Foa, the tribe is freezing. Mick is huddled into the corner of a tree in order to stay warm. Russell thinks that they are weak city slickers. They are lazy.

If you didn’t throw up after a challenge, you freaking didn’t do your job.

Russell actually wants to do something about their shelter, but no one is willing to help him. At Galu, Erik was lying in his hole for about 26 hours. He comes out to see a rainbow. Russell is jubilant.

It’s time for the next challenge. One person will be strapped into a large sphere. That person will guide two blindfolded tribemates to push the sphere through a long course. The person in the sphere will navigate their tribe to solve a puzzle maze. Pizza is up for grabs. Both tribes are heading for tribal, but the winning tribe will sit in the losing tribe’s tribal council. Monica, Kelly, Shambo and Kelly sit out the challenge. Liz is in the ball. Russell and Jaison are pushing. For Galu, Laura is in the ball. Russell and Erik are pushing. Galu has the early lead, but Foa Foa is trying to sneak by. They do so. Galu is back in the lead. The balls are side by side. Foa Foa is in the lead. Galus is stuck. Russell is exhausted. Foa Foa orients Liz so that she can see. Galu gets to their spot. Russell has no idea where he is. Foa Foa has a bit of a lead in the table maze. Russell collapses. Jeff calls medical. Russell gets up and collapses again. Everyone is shocked. He’s out of it. His BP is really low. They put him on oxygen. Dr. Ramona says that his BP is lower than Mike’s was. Jeff says that this challenge is over. Both tribes will head to tribal and both tribes will vote someone out. If Russell makes it to tribal, he’ll stay in the game. Back at camp, Galu is concerned.

Russell is able to sit up. Dr. Ramona takes his BP. He blacks out again and has to lie down. Jeff tells Russell that he is leaving the game. His heart rate plummeted from 97 to 67 when he was sitting up. Russell doesn’t want to quit. He starts to cry.

At Foa Foa, Liz isn’t happy. Liz and Nat know that it’s going to be one of them. Russell tells Nat to vote for Liz. Liz tells Mick and Jaison that she’d like to stay.

Kelly, Laura, and Monica try to talk about Shambo because she’s the flip-flopper. They have to shut up because she appears. Shambo tries to justify them not voting for her. Monica is rolling her eyes. Monica says that she voted for her, so she isn’t guarantying anything. The boys are talking. They think that Monica is the weakest girl. They want to get rid of her. John thinks that Shambo is no threat. Either Laura or Monica has to leave, because they are very tight. John tries to make his case. Erik agrees to this. Dave and Brett agree.

They plan on keeping Shambo in the dark. They give her a few tidbits to steer her vote. They tell her to vote for Monica.

The tribes arrive for tribal council. Jeff says that Russell was in terrible shape. He was scared about what could have happened to Russell.

I feel like I’m in solitary confinement for a crime that I didn’t commit and that isn’t anything that was asdvertised [for Survivor].
Erik at tribal council

The rain starts again. Russell thinks that they can win. Mick thinks that they would have won. Erik isn’t really concerned. Jeff says that there will be no tribal council vote.

* * * * *

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