Survivor Samoa Tastes Like Chicken S19E09 (CBS)

The merge happened in the last episode. Things fell apart quickly. Erik became the first member of the jury.

That night, Russell thinks that he is out next. He’s hoping for a miracle. The girls from the old Galu couldn’t believe that their plan worked. Laura has got her target set on him to go next. Nat stumbles upon a mouse. She wants to eat it. She apologizes after she kills it. She shows it to the tribemates. They are amazed. Jaison thought that she was the Southern belle. He says that he was shocked to death. They say that it tastes like chicken. The tribe gets tree mail. Russell wants to get the other immunity idol. He doesn’t know that Erik had one. It’s probably back in play.

For today’s challenge, they will divide into two teams of five to retrieve some coconuts. They have to put the coconuts together into a digital number. The winning team will go to some rock slide and eat a picnic. Nat isn’t playing. She won’t participate. She will choose one team to support. She can go on reward. She decides to support the old Foa Foa team.

She’s certainly not wearing a sports bra.
My wife on Kelly running

Both teams are neck in neck. Shambo slows down significantly. It gives Jaison and Russell the lead. It’s only a few seconds. Dave and Russ take control of their teams. Dave barks out 4673. Monica has to find it by touch. Russ gets 7346. Laura starts working on her combination. Monica gets it right and they win reward. Nat and the yellows are out of luck. Laura and Mick also strike out.

At the reward, John is having a good time. The others also have a good time. They get a clue about the next immunity idol. It’s hidden at camp. Dave says that they should keep it secret with the old Galu. Kelly says that they need to get rid of Kelly. Shambo doesn’t want him to go. Of course, Shambo will share it with Russell. Meanwhile, Russell is searching for the idol. I can’t believe it. He actually found the idol again without a clue. He says that he won’t share it with anyone. He was searching near landmarks and found it under the bridge.

He shows it to Shambo immediately. They want to get rid of Laura. As smart as Russell is, he’s also an idiot. The immunity idol is most powerful when no one knows about it but the bearer. He has to play the idol again. The only thing that wills save Laura is immunity.

For today’s immunity challenge, they must retrieve a puzzle pack. The first 3 will move onto the next round. The winner is the one who assembles the puzzle the fastest. Shambo snags the 1st bag. Mick has his 1st. Kelly as well. Brett also has his 1st. Mick has 2. He’s in the next round. Jaison has his 1st bag. Laura has her 1st bag. Russ has his 1st bag. Shambo is in the next round. Laura just beats Russell into the final. If Russ had been quicker instead of strutting his stuff, he would have been in. Strangely, Shambo is in the lead with Mick trailing. Laura picks up speed. She’s like clockwork. She’s in the lead now. Laura wins immunity in a decisive manner. Laura is confident that Russ is going home.

Shambo and Russ will vote for Kelly. Russ tells Jaison. He doesn’t believe it. He tells him to vote for Kelly. Jaison tells Mick and Nat to vote for Kelly. He’s got another idol. Foa Foa is feeling pretty good.

At a Galu meeting, Monica brings up the idol. John is also concerned. Dave dismisses it. They work out a strategy. Russ overhears them talking that they will for Nat. He doesn’t know what to do now.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff asks Dave about Erik. Dave and Kelly blame Erik for some bad vibes at camp. Nat is being diplomatic, which is smart. Galu is pretty confident. Russell plays the immunity idol. Galu is worried. Kelly is voted out. All of Galu voted for Russell.

* * * * *

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