Chuck Versus the Gobbler S04E12 (NBC)

Chuck is an American science-fiction television program created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend Bryce Larkin, a rogue CIA agent, which happens to embed the world’s greatest spy secrets into his brain. This is called the intersect.

From the Wikipedia entry on Chuck.

While Chuck has to deal with his new situation, he gets to enjoy the company of Sarah, working for the CIA, and Casey, working for the DOD. They use him as an asset to accomplish their missions, which surprisingly happen around town (?).

Chuck has just started its third season and it’s still entertaining. The mix between an everyday guy and espionage doesn’t get boring, since the character of Chuck actually puts us in these situations as well. I recommend it, though it’s not for everybody.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Chuck has to help Sarah get the Gobbler out of prison. He’s got something to do with Volkoff’s Hydra network. Sarah is still undercover as a rogue agent.

* * * * *

Sarah went undercover as a double agent into Volkoff Industries to get Chuck’s mom back.

Casey is being beaten up by Sarah in a wig. Two days earlier, Casey has news. Sarah has been taking jobs all over Europe. Volkoff has started noticing her. Sarah has been gone for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Sarah in a wig is meeting with Volkoff. She gets hired. Chuck’s mom is there. She doesn’t trust Sarah and asks Volkoff that Sarah should break out Yuri the Gobbler. Later, they meet. She says that Yuri is involved with Hydra, Volkoff’s secret network.

Alex slept over Morgan’s. He’s cool with that. Chuck tells him that he might be in love.

Sarah breaks into Castle. She briefs them on the mission to break out the Gobbler. He’s Volkoff’s main bodyguard.

Chuck goes into the supermax prison as a prisoner. He has to start a fight with the Gobbler. After a long fight, Chuck takes him out. Sarah arrives to break the Gobbler out.

Ellie has a plan to make Awesome accept the name she has chosen. She makes him believe that she is planning on naming the baby Grunka. There is an elaborate plan at the BuyMore to get her to change her mind.

Volkoff shoots the Gobbler. He says that Yuri was Hydra. He puts his fingers into Yuri’s eye and pulls it out. His database is on the eye. He downloads it and then destroys it.

Sarah sends Casey a text. She wants to meet with him. Volkoff wants her to kill Casey.

Volkoff captures Chuck. He makes him watch Sarah beating up Casey. Casey comes up with a plan. He wants Walker to throw him out of the window. She does so and he lands on a window cleaning rig. He then falls down the rest of the way. It wasn’t that high, only 4 stories or so. He landed on grass.

Volkoff’s cronies knock out Chuck.

Ellie gives Devon the choice between Clara and Grunka, he goes for Clara. She told him that Grunka is the name of the spoons she got from IKEA.

Alex comes to see Casey in the hospital. He’s on a ventilator and looks pretty bad. Sarah gave Casey a phone for Chuck.

* * * * *

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