The Vampire Diaries A Few Good Men S01E15 (CW)

The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia
The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia

Fresh on the heels of the boring Twilight craze, and the well-deserved True Blood phase, CW is offering up its latest in teen dramas. Apparently, this show drew 5 million viewers its first night. That’s probably due to Twilight-hype. I can’t stand Twilight. It sucks ass. I couldn’t read the books, but read a review from Dan Bergstein on those Stephanie Meyer books. It was very entertaining. The movie kind of sucked as well.

This is the situation, as I’ve divined it using my psychic powers. The Fox network saw that Twilight was really working well. Wow, maybe vamps are cool again, said one exec. Another said, maybe not, remember Forever Knight. Then, everyone went bonkers for True Blood. The same exec said it confirmed his theory that vamps are back in, notably teen vamps, not crazy sex-addicted vamps. One exec mentioned Teen Wolf, the other slapped him on the back of the head.

So, we need to find a teen vampire series. Wait, my daughter used to read some vampire thingie called The Vampire Diaries in the 90s. Let’s pressure L. J. Smith to write some sequels as an added incentive. That will make it cool!

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Logan is back and both Damon and Stefan are after him. They aren’t the only ones, as the new boy in town, Alaric, is also a hunter. Other vampires are coming soon in order to break the vampires that were sealed in by Emily underneath the church. Now that Damon discovered this, he won’t be leaving Mystic Falls anytime soon. Elena gets into a bad accident and she meets one of the new vamps.

The show is getting less ridiculous, but I can’t really handle the romantic bits between Elena and Stefan. It’s still 100% pedophilia, as he’s almost 150 years older than she is.

* * * * *

A vamp got out of the tomb. He meets a man in the forest and asks him the date. He then proceeds to feed on him.

Bella’s sister tells her what she found out about her birthmother, Isabel. She gives her the name of one of her friends in the region and tells her that her new history teacher’s wife came from here. Her name was also Isabel.

She talks about this with Stephan.

Meanwhile, Damon is having a bunch of blood dolls over and feeding on them. Stephan talks it over with Damon. He doesn’t remember Isabel, even though he killed her.

Matt and Caroline hook up. Elena’s sister tells Rick about a girl named Isabel being Elena’s mom. Rick recognizes the photo as his dead wife Isabel.

Elena goes to see Isabel’s friend Trudi. She knows immediately that she is Isabel’s daughter, but there is something strange going on. Obviously, Trudi is lying about who Elena’s father is. When she goes to the kitchen, she texts someone that Elena is here. She gives Elena some Vervaine tea. When Elena says that she knows about vamps, she asks her to leave. Someone is waiting for Elena when she gets out of the house.

Matt’s mom comes by. She’s been missing for a few months and wants a drink.

Stephan talks with Alaric. He asks Damon, but he isn’t getting much out of him. Alaric wants to know.

It looks like über-hottie Mia Kirshner plays Isabel, Elena’s mom. She is the one who told Alaric about vampires.

Alaric is having some bourbon in a bar. Damon comes in to commiserate. Alaric leaves. The sheriff arrives. She asks him to be part of the bachelor auction.

The man who watched Elena leaves comes to see Trudi. He kills her. She didn’t tell Elena anything and she did her part. The man said that Elena won’t figure out the truth.

Stephan tells Elena that her mom is Alaric’s wife. He discovered everything about vampires from her.

Damon discovers more about Alaric from the Sheriff. He remembers her, naturally. Her name is spelled Isobel.

For some reason, Damon tries to provoke Alaric. He says that he met his wife in North Carolina. Elena is there and hears it all. Stephan tries to explain things to her outside. They see the mysterious man watching them. They don’t know that he killed Trudi. He’s human BTW.

Elena confronts Damon and leaves. The mysterious man tells Elena that he’s got a message for her. He says that she needs to stop looking for her. Stephan realizes that he’s under vampiric compulsion. He’s kind of repeating himself over and over. After he delivered her message, he walks into incoming traffic and dies. So this means that Isobel is a vampire and that she’s still alive.

We see another flashback of Alaric and his wife. She wanted to become a vampire, which is where her obsession stemmed from.

Alaric comes to see Damon with a stake. There is a little fight. Damon says that he turned Isobel. She came to him to be turned into a vampire. The stake goes into Alaric and pierces a lung. Damon just leaves him there to die.

Stephan arrives and sees the damage. Alaric isn’t dead. He revives. He’s wearing some kind of ring that Isobel gave him. She gave the ring to him. It would protect him. Stephan says that this is impossible.

Elena took the mysterious man’s cell phone. She calls the most recent number to talk to Isobel. When she hears Elena, she hangs up.

Harper finds Pearl. He’s let into their home.

* * * * *

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