The Vampire Diaries The House Guest S02E16 (CW)

The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia
The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia

Fresh on the heels of the boring Twilight craze, and the well-deserved True Blood phase, CW is offering up its latest in teen dramas. Apparently, this show drew 5 million viewers its first night. That’s probably due to Twilight-hype. I can’t stand Twilight. It sucks ass. I couldn’t read the books, but read a review from Dan Bergstein on those Stephanie Meyer books. It was very entertaining. The movie kind of sucked as well.

This is the situation, as I’ve divined it using my psychic powers. The Fox network saw that Twilight was really working well. Wow, maybe vamps are cool again, said one exec. Another said, maybe not, remember Forever Knight. Then, everyone went bonkers for True Blood. The same exec said it confirmed his theory that vamps are back in, notably teen vamps, not crazy sex-addicted vamps. One exec mentioned Teen Wolf, the other slapped him on the back of the head.

So, we need to find a teen vampire series. Wait, my daughter used to read some vampire thingie called The Vampire Diaries in the 90s. Let’s pressure L. J. Smith to write some sequels as an added incentive. That will make it cool!

Warning: spoilers ahead

I’ll admit that the whole Petrova doppelganger is somewhat interesting, but the whole Sun/Moon curse thing that was laid onto them by some Shaman is idiotic. That and the fact that some original vampires are around, messing about. Elijah isn’t impressive as an original. He’s a bit of letdown, to be honest. Smith should have taken some inspiration in vampire fiction and used some of those concepts in his own story.

* * * * *

Elena learns from Damon that Katherine is out. She’s actually in the house.

Caroline learns from Matt that Ty stopped by before leaving. (Oh no!)

Alaric tells Elena that he can’t lie to Jenna anymore. She needs to know. Until she does, he can’t be with her.

Stefan wants to work with the Martins to bring down Klaus. He meets with them and Bonnie to broker a deal.

Elijah didn’t have a weapon to kill Klaus. They learn that if a witch could channel enough power, she could kill Klaus. That’s why Elijah wanted to find the site where 100 witches were killed in Mystic Falls.

Martin has no intention of working with Stefan and his buddies. He wants Elijah back in play so that he can kill them. Luka and his dad are trying to find Elijah. They send his astral self into the Salvatore house. He mistakes Katherine for Elena. Damon finds something in the journals. Katherine looks up on Elijah. She sees that the dagger is sliding out. It’s Luka, trying to remove the dagger. Jonas tells Luka to stake Elena. She’s Katherine. He manages to stake her right before Damon arrives. He sees the dagger sliding out again and takes out his flamethrower. He roasts Elijah’s body again. That burns Luka as well. His real body starts burning as well. Jonas tries to save him, but he’s too late. Luka is dead.

Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline have a girl’s night for Jenna. There is an AT&T tablet in prominence. They go to the Grill. Caroline says hello to Matt, who told her earlier that the ball was in her court. Caroline then glamours Save Our Stereo to play a song. She sings it and then Matt kisses her. I skipped through that shit.

Stefan goes to see the Martins. Martin puts some kind of a spell on him. He’s planning on going after Elena.

Katherine says that John Gilbert and Isobel want Damon and Stefan out of Elena’s life. They offered Katherine a deal. She could only save one of them and chose Stefan.

Bonnie tells Elena that she’s dating Jeremy.

Damon gets a call from Stefan. Martin is going after Elena. Katherine is going to help.

Martin shorts out the power and starts a fire after confronting Bonnie. Caroline jumps Martin and Matt goes after him after he pushes him off. Martin stabs Matt in the throat. Caroline has to heal him with her blood. She tells him that she is a vampire when he wakes up. He realizes that Vicki knew the truth about vampires. He wonders what they did to her and freaks out.

Katherine finally gets Martin in the bathroom of Elena’s house. He’s dead. He tries to do something to Bonnie, but Stefan snaps his neck.

She was a loose end and I like mine tied up.

Isobel comes to see Jenna.

* * * * *

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