The Amazing Race Im Like Ricky Bobby S15E04 (CBS)

Zev/Justin arrived first and lost their passports. They were eliminated. The teams are still in Cambodia. They are leaving for the Persian Gulf. They must find the world’s tallest building, the Burj Dubai. The clue will be on the top of the building.

Ericka knows that it’s Dubai. The BB players figured it out from an internet café. All of the teams are at the same spot. Lance/Keri are still in an internet café. He’s got a strange notion of flights disappearing.

All teams are flying through Bangkok to Dubai. The poker players and Ericka/Brian are 1st. Sam/Dan are also in the 1st group. Mika/Canaan are getting frustrated. Cheyne/Meghan are in the 1st group. The others are in team #2, fifteen minutes later.

Mika is freaking out. She’s afraid of heights. Teams must make their way to a parking garage and rive themselves into the desert. This is the only FF in the race. To complete it, they must find the Dubai autodrome. They will drive a racecar and complete a lap in 45 seconds or less. The second group of teams don’t think that they can get the FF.

Lance/Keri are lost again because of Lance. Lance is an ass. He doesn’t want Keri asking questions. Meghan/Cheyne arrive at the autodrome. All of the other teams are going into the desert. Sam/Dan, Ericka/Brian and the poker players are in the desert. They face a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, they have to Find Water. The water is stored in urns buried in the sand.

The BB players and Matt/Gary arrive. Tiffany finds an urn first. It’s empty. Brian also finds one. It’s empty. Brian finds some water.

Meghan is freaking out because she’s got no control over the situation. Cheyne is driving the racecar. She’s pathetic. Or just a control freak. Cheyne gets it in 40 seconds. They are in 1st place. They get a ride in a Maserati to the pit stop.

Brian tells Tiffany and Sam/Dan where the water is. They leave for the city, to the Ski Dubai, a huge indoor ski resort. Matt/Gary caught up with the 1st group. Brian tells Mika/Canaan where to go. He’s been strategically nice. Maria ran over something. She broke the radiator. That’s bad news. They have to wait a long time for another car. For some reason, Sam/Dan wait with them. That’s idiotic. This is a race. The BB players leave. Gary/Matt are gone.

Meghan/Cheyne arrive at the pit stop. They are 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Jamaica. Lance/Keri arrive to do the roadblock. Mika/Canaan are still there. Gary/Matt arrive 1st at Ski Dubai. Teams face a Detour. They have to either build a snowman or find a snowman. In build a snowman, they need to make a snowman outside. In find the snowman, they have to sled down a slope and find a tiny snowman hidden in mound of snow.

Canaan finishes first. They leave for Ski Dubai. Brian/Ericka arrive at the same time as the poker players and Sam/Dan. They all decide to do the find the snowman task. Lance is still trying to find water. Lance is very disrespectful. He breaks the urns and throws water all over the desert. They leave for Ski Dubai. Ericka/Brian find it first. They leave for the pit stop. The poker players and Matt/Gary build a snowman instead. The BB players arrive.

Lance is trying to blame Keri for his mistakes. Ericka/Brian finish 2nd. Sam/Dan start building. The BB players immediately find a snowman. They tell Mika/Canaan to get their coats as they head into Ski Dubai.

Gary/Matt finish and leave for the pit stop. The BB players finish 3rd. The poker players finish and leave for the pit stop and so do Sam/Dan. Gary/Matt finish 4th. Mika/Canaan finish. Lance/Keri arrive. They build the snowman. Sam/Dan are 5th. The poker players finish 6th. Mika/Canaan finish 7th.

Lance/Keri finish last. They are eliminated.

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