The Amazing Race We Should Have Brought Gloves and Butt Pads S17E04 (CBS)

Mike/Kevin are still in the race. It was a non-elimination leg. It’s going to be hard for them to make up the time.

The teams help the school with renovation. Teams must fly to the Arctic Circle, in Kiruna, Sweden. They are heading to the ice hotel. The teams are all on the same flight. They are under no obligation to take that.

Arctic Circle, you know?
Nick to an African cabbie

There is an earlier connection in Frankfurt for Kiruna. Mike/Kevin figure this out. They decide to tell Gary/Mallory. This flight lands 2 hours ahead but only leaves an hour to get the connection.

Nat/Kat check out the flights. Brook/Claire snoop around for the docs and find them. Mallory uses her womanly whiles to get on the flight with Mike/Kevin.

Nat/Kat book the earlier flight. They tell Brook/Claire. The Nerds know that something is up. They check, but the flights are fully booked.

Nat/Kat, Gary/Mallory, and Kevin/Mike run to catch their connection. Nat/Kat make it. Gary/Mallory also arrive. Kevin/Mike also make it.

The Nerds and volleyball players commiserate.

The clue leads them to a lodge. The clue is carved in ice. Mike/Kevin face a Speed Bump. They must sit on the furniture made out of ice for ten minutes. That was quick.

Nat/Kat and Brook/Claire are still together. Mike/Kevin are in 1st. The other teams got lost. They face a Roadblock. They must use a summer training sled with dogs to mush them. They must take some flags and then get some pelts. They can exchange the pelts for their next clue. Mike does this task. The other three teams arrive.

Kat, Claire, and Mallory do this Roadblock. Everyone looks like they are having fun. Mike gets his pelts and heads back to the start.

The other teams arrive in Kiruna. Mallory misses a flag. Mallory and Claire pass Kat. Mallory has to run a penalty lap. Claire has her five flags. Mallory is pretty quick, and quicker than Kat. Kat is last of that pack.

The other teams arrive at the ice storage facility. They find the blocks of ice. The Nerds and volley ball players follow some locals.

Mike is 1st. They must drive themselves to a train station for their next clue. Claire is next. Mallory is next. Kat is last of that quartet.

Chad/Steph realize that Jill/Thomas aren’t anywhere near. They are the last to arrive. They also start sprinting the wrong way.

The Nerds starts out first followed by Nick. Katie does the task as well as Stephanie.

Jill/Thomas finally arrive. Jill does the task.

Mike/Kevin arrive at the train station. They face a Detour. Teams must do Sleds or Beds. In Sleds, they make their way to the top of a mountain. They must use a tech sled to make their way down in less than 1:58. In Beds, teams make their way to a Sami encampment. Using traditional equipment, they must mount a tent.

Mike/Kevin do Beds. Nat/Kat do sleds.

The Nerds are off to the train station. They are in 5th. Nick/Vick are in 6th. The volleyball players are in 7th. Jill/Thomas are in last.

Gary/Mallory do sleds. Claire/Brook do sleds. I would have done sleds, but the set time might be an issue. Kat washes out on her 1st try. Nat has no trouble finishing in 1:46. Kat is stuck on the mountain.

Gary/Mallory try sleds. They do 1:58 but need to beat the time. Mike/Kevin have their tent up. Nat/Kat complete their task. They head for the pit stop, the Norwegian border. Brook does it in 1:36. They complete their Detour. Gary does it in 1:24. The all leave for the pit stop.

Chad/Steph to sleds.

Nat/Kat finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Belize.

Mike/Kevin head to the pit stop. Gary/Mallory finish 2nd. Brook/Claire finish 3rd.

The Nerds do sleds. They crash. The instructors laugh at them. They look like bumbling idiots but finish in 2:03.

Chad/Steph do the sleds. Steph is scared. She falls off again and again. She looks worse that the Nerds. They finish in over 3 minutes. Chad is pissed off. Steph says that she won’t do it again. She’s crying.

Jill/Thomas are last but don’t use their Express Pass. Jill finally convinces Thomas to use it.

Mike/Kevin finish 4th. Connor keeps going over the railing. He manages to do it in 2:58.

Nick/Vick complete the Detour and leave for the pit stop on their first attempt. The volleyball players are a complete disaster on the mountain as well. At one point, their sled goes down the mountain. The Nerds and volleyball player switch tasks.

Jill/Thomas finish in 5th.

Katie/Rachel arrive at the tent making task. Nick/Vick finish 6th. The Nerds arrive. Chad/Steph finish their Detour and leave. They finish in 7th place. Katie/Rachel have to go back to the demo to see what they did wrong. The volleyball players leave for the pit stop.

The Nerds are close behind. Katie/Rachel finish 8th. The Nerds are eliminated.

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