The Amazing Race Move Goat S19E07 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Teams are leaving for Salima. There is a Double U-Turn ahead. The bus leaves at 7AM. All of the teams leave before 6:07 AM. All of the teams except Amani/Marcus are on the same bus. Thanks to some negotiating, they get into it. They are also in front, so it will be easier to get out.

Home sweat home.

As soon as they arrive, Amani/Marcus face their Speed Bump. The others face a Roadblock. They have to use a bike taxi to ferry a passenger around. They have to drop off fish.

Amani/Marcus must solve a slide puzzle. It takes them a long time. Laurence and Sand work together. Jen asks directions. Cathi almost falls. Andy breaks his crank. Some dudes help him out. Cindy delivers her first fish. Andy delivers his first fish. Then Cathi does the same.

Cindy is first. They face a Detour. In Dugout, they will use a dugout canoe to complete a race course on Lake Malawi. In Lugout, they must unload 8 passengers and cargo, just like the locals from a boat. The passengers expect to remain dry.

Andy is in 2nd. Amani/Marcus finish their puzzle. Marcus does it. He trained for this, so it’s no biggie. Jen didn’t take her clue. She left it with Justin. She just delivered her fish. Jen is just waiting around. She’s waiting for another team, which is a bit ridiculous. The smart thing would have been to head back to get the clue and figure out what to do instead of panicking and staying put.

Andy/Tommy and Ernie/Cindy arrive at Lake Malawi. The snowboarders catch up. Ernie/Cindy have trouble with the dugout canoe. Amani/Marcus due Lugout.

Ernie/Cindy decide to use the Express Pass to skip the task. They have to go the Jamaica Shop. No one knows where it is.

Bill/Cathi arrive and get into a canoe. Jeremy/Sandy arrive as well, as do Laurence and Zac. Laurence spends a lot of time shouting at Zac. Jeremy shouts a lot at Sandy. Bill and Cathi do  quite well. They pass Jeremy/Sandy.

Jen finally comes back. Justin was worried.

Andy/Tommy finish the Detour. They leave for the Jamaica Shop. They catch up with Ernie/Cindy. They don’t U-Turn anybody. They must make their way to the next pit stop, the Sunbird Livingstonia Hotel. Their bags are back at the cab. Andy/Tommy have to do the same but they are fast.

Amani/Marcus arrive and start carrying out stuff from the boat.

It’s a footrace to the finish. Andy/Tommy finish 1st. They beat Ernie/Cindy in a race. They beat them in the last few hundred feet. Ernie says that Andy/Tommy are mean. It’s a race. Andy/Tommy win $15K.

It’s a race, and that’s the name of the game.

Bill/Cathi leave for the finish as do Laurence/Zac. Laurence/Zac decide to U-Turn somebody.

Bill/Cathi finish 3rd. Amani/Marcus leave for the Jamaica Shop. They don’t U-Turn anybody. Laurence/Zac U-Turn Amani/Marcus. That was dumb. They just passed them.

Jeremy/Sandy went the wrong way and have to find the Jamaica Shop. They lost some time. They head back to pay their taxi.

Amani/Marcus finish 4th. Laurence/Zac are 5th. Jeremy/Sandy are 6th. Justin/Jen finish last. They are eliminated.

* * * * *

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