The Amazing Race We Are Charlie Chaplin S19E11 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Andy/Tommy customized their Mustangs. Teams are leaving the Atomium. They must dress up as characters from Tintin. They are Dupont and Dupond. They don’t know who Tintin is or what costume they are wearing.

Jeremy/Sandy are second to leave, about 30 minutes after the boarders. They find out that they are looking for Tintin. They are told that they are Jonson and Johnson. Ernie/Cindy find out that they are characters from Tintin and their names.

The boarders think that they are Charlie Chaplin. Amani/Marcus figure out who they are quickly.

Jeremy/Sandy are the 1st ones there and figure out the clue. They leave for Panama. Ernie/Cindy are 2nd. Cindy figured out a lot about Dupont and Dupond. The boarders have no idea who they are. They find Tintin but have to do more research.

Amani/Marcus find Tintin and get the clue. The boarders get their clue, after having overheard the other teams.

Everyone is on the same train and the same flight. They travel by boat to the Embera village.

The boarders are 1st. Jeremy/Sandy are 2nd. It’s dark. Jeremy/Sandy edged into 1st, but their boat gets stuck. The other two teams arrive. The teams are signing in to receive a tattoo the next morning.

They get their next clue temporary tattooed on their arm. It tells them to get to the San Francisco Bay Towers in Panama City. There, they will face a Roablock. They must walk a tight rope that has been erected between the two towers. They must walk across, retrieve the clue, then walk back.

Sandy is scared of heights. Andy breezes through it. Then he proceeds to mess with Sandy. Teams must go to the statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps.

Cindy has to do the Roadblock. Amani also has to do it.

Teams face a Detour. In Filet, teams must travel to a fish market and deliver seafood. In Sole, they must make one pair of sandals. Andy/Tommy do Sole. Ernie/Cindy do the same. Amani/Marcus do Filet. They arrive at Sole. Instead of doing it, they leave for the other task. They have to hold the fish in their hands.

Andy/Tommy finish first and leave for Cathedral Square. They must figure out that the name of the pit stop Panama Viejo. It is shown on the dancers’ dresses and their necklaces.

Ernie is having trouble with the sandals as is Jeremy. Ernie/Cindy have to work more on theirs as do Jeremy/Sandy. Amani/Marcus leave 2nd.

It’s going to be a fishy ride.

Andy/Tommy think that the clue says Balboa. That was stupid. They arrive at the Panama Canal. Then, they leave for the statue of Balboa. They see nothing there, so they head back to the square. Ernie/Cindy leave. Jeremy/Sandy are close behind.

Amani/Marcus arrive at Cathedral Square. They also see Balboa. The other two teams arrive. Amani/Marcus are still there.

Ernie/Cindy leave thinking it’s Balboa. Jeremy sketches the right image onto a pad and shows it to his taxi driver. He immediately recognizes Panama Viejo, and they leave. That was awesome. Amani/Marcus go to the Balboa Statue.

The taxi drivers are talking to each other on the phone. Jeremy/Sandy’s driver tells the others were to go. The good thing is that Andy/Tommy are left behind. They quickly see the clue and leave.

Jeremy/Sandy are still in front of the pack. They finish 1st. They win a trip for two. Ernie/Cindy finish 2nd. Amani/Marcus finish 3rd. Andy/Tommy finish last and are eliminated.

* * * * *

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