The Amazing Race Were Not Meant for the Swamp S15E08 (CBS)

Gary/Matt will face a Speed Bump in this leg of the race. They arrived last. The BB players depart 1st. They are crossing the Baltic Sea to Tallinn, Estonia. They must figure out how to open a door. They’ve got to wait until 5:45PM. It’s about 2AM.

Meghan/Cheyne leave at 4AM. Brian/Ericka leave half an hour later. Sam/Dan leave another half hour later. The BB players disapprove of the way that Sam/Dan were acting during the last leg of the race.

All teams job to the taxi stand. The BB players are last. Sam/Dan and Meghan/Cheyne quickly get into the house. It’s the HQ of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads. They close the door.

They face a Roadblock. They must take a candelabra and decipher a secret message. Garu/Matt face their Speed Bump. They must find a sauna bus and take a 5 minute sauna. The BB players arrive.

Gary/Matt find the sauna bus and get naked and sweaty. None of the teams have found their message. The BB players find their room first. Flight Time uses the crayon to decipher this message fruitlessly. Cheyne finds his room and decodes the message right away. The message says Pikk Hermann Tower Garden. Ericka is the 2nd to find the message.

Matt doesn’t know what a candelabra is. Sam finally gets his message. It takes him a few minutes to figure it out. Flight Time manages to decode his message.

Meghan/Cheyne and Brian/Ericka arrive at the Detour. They have to choose between Serve or Sling. In Serve, they must play volleyball while submerged in a bog. In Sling, teams must use a sling shot to fire at a target. Meghan/Cheyne decide to do volleyball. Ericka is pissed at Brian for giving up a taxi. Meghan makes sure that their taxi doesn’t call them one. They finally get a taxi. Sam/Dan and the BB players are racing to the gardens.

Sam/Dan and the BB players decide to do volleyball. They argue over a taxi. The BB players get to it first and Sam/Dan get into is as well. It’s a van. Gary/Matt misread their clue and try to get into the Pikk Hermann Tower instead of looking for a clue box. They do Sling. Gary/Matt’s cab has a friend in Meghan/Cheyne’s driver. Gary/Matt’s driver asks for directions. Meghan/Cheyne’s driver doesn’t give them any.

Meghan/Cheyne arrive first. They quickly score their first two points. They are pretty good. All of the other teams join up and try to find the marked path. Meghan/Cheyne are getting tired. They’ve got one pt left. They finally get it. They have to run to a tower in the bog for the next pit stop. It’s like two stories high and made out of wood. It’s not impressive. Meghan/Cheyne finish 1st. They win a red cedar sauna.

The other teams find the path. Brian/Ericka are last. They decide to do the Sling instead. They can’t do the volleyball because two teams are already playing. Sam/Dan and the BB players are shit at volleyball. The BB players score their 1st pt, as the brothers do as well. The BB players finish 1st. They are making their way to the pit stop. Sam/Dan run there to. The Globetrotters were going the wrong way. The BB players try to outrun them and trip the other team. Sam/Dan finish 2nd. The BB players finish 3rd. Big Easy tried to trip the boys up. He’s just being a ninny because he was outplayed. Brian/Ericka are still doing the slingshot. Brian/Ericka finally get it. They run to the pit stop. They finish 4th.

Gary/Matt finish last and are eliminated..

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